SH Blog: Paul George must improve offensively in order to save Pacers’ season, Kyrie Irving cleared to practice


Paul George

By now, we all know that the Indiana Pacers have some major issues on the offensive end. If you don’t, check out the previous blog. What exactly are they doing wrong and who is the main culprit for killing their offense? Our friend coach Nick of Bbballbreakdown gives his take on the situation, and it mainly involves Paul George and how badly he has fallen off since the beginning of the season:

I’m sure Nick isn’t trying to say that George is to blame for everything, but as stated in the clip, his struggles when the Pacers lose sticks out like a sore thumb. Given that he is undoubtedly the most important player on the team, it makes sense that his struggles directly correlates with the team’s struggles. If part of the issue is, indeed, that he has gone away from the mechanics that helped him succeed tremendously in the early going, this could turn out to be a lost season for George because that’s not something he can fix at this point of the season – it would have been fixed by now otherwise.

George’s shooting percent has gone down every single month. He shot 47.2 percent in November and 46.8 percent in December, but hasn’t shot above 41 percent in any month since, bottoming out at an atrocious 37.2 percent in March. In the last nine games, he has shot below 29 percent five times and managed to shoot above 40 percent just once. That’s reaching Harrison Barnes status. To be fair, George is not the only major player on the team to see a steep drop in production. Roy Hibbert, who had averaged around 12 points and seven rebounds for much of the season, has seen his numbers drop to 9.7 points on 42.2 percent shooting and 4.6 rebounds in March without a decrease in playing time – simply inexplicable for a supposedly-dominant center. Hibbert has pointed out that the lack of ball movement from his guards may be the primary culprit for his struggles, but nothing excuses 4.6 rebounds from one of the tallest and strongest centers in the league. 

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Tweet of the Night: Tim Kawakami says Curry and Jackson had extended session in locker room after ugly loss to Cavaliers

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Stephen CurryThe Golden State Warriors sure have been an unpredictable bunch this season, and that’s usually not a good thing when you’re talking about a team that’s supposed to be considered one of the more dangerous teams in the league.

They have struggled with inconsistencies for various reasons, be it injuries, lack of bench production, or simply failing to execute the way they are capable of doing when the going gets tough. The advanced stats will tell you that they are the third best defensive team in the league (they have been there for much of the season), but that won’t explain how they simply have long, critical stretches where the defense simply disappears and cannot stop anyone.

Tweet of the Day: Ben McLemore Gearing Up For Slam Dunk Contest

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Engrave today’s date in your head, as tonight’s slam dunk competition could be worth remembering.

NBA All-Star 2014 marks only the second time that the Sprite Slam Dunk competition will feature three All-Star Game participants.

In recent years, fans have become accustom to doing a web search on half of the players in the competition.


In the year 2000, Vince Carter rocked the rims and probably had the best dunk contest of all-time. In 2003 we saw Jason Richardson score perfect fifties. A few years later the era of Lil Nate, Nate Robinson, shook the stage and brought many fans back to the Spud Webb days. In 2008 Dwight Howard became Superman and flew across the court throwing down one of the most memorable dunks in the history of the competition (without even touching the rim). And in 2011 Blake Griffin jumped over a Kia, that’s cool too.

But looking at the last two dunk contests, what do you remember? Nothing! Exactly.

The calibre of talent in this event had seemed to diminish and the dunk contest became less exciting than the celebrity game without Kevin Hart.

Maybe we owe a thanks to new NBA commissioner Adam Silver, or maybe it’s great timing, but this year’s dunk contest is almost an All-Star lineup itself.

Paul George, Damian Lillard, John Wall, Harrison Barnes, Terrence Ross and Ben McLemore are preparing to highlight NBA All-Star Weekend’s most popular event.

The Sacramento Kings rookie is looking to give fans something to talk about. McLemore turned 21 last week, (in New Orleans I’m sure he’s keeping busy) he is excited about this and legitimately wants to win.


Saturday night these six players will have a worldwide audience on them. And for a player like McLemore, who’s still unknown to many, can make a name for himself with just one dunk.

The league has a chance to save the legacy of the slam dunk contest. This event was on life support, it’s not where it should be yet, but this is a very good start at rebuilding.

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Brett Poirier is a contributor to Sheridan Hoops.

Fixing the Knicks: Several Trade Ideas That Could Jump Start a Strong Rebuild


Carmelo AnthonySources told Yahoo! Sports on Monday that there is “no chance” the Knicks trade free agent-to-be Carmelo Anthony by the Feb. 20 deadline.

Let’s face the facts: even with Anthony, the Knicks are a mediocre basketball team in a horrendous Atlantic Division.

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Rookie Rankings, Week 11: Sizing Up the Sophs

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With the midway point of the regular season approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to give the rookies a Anthony Bennettbreak and rank the sophomores for two reasons.

1. It is a nice change of pace and gives the reader something new.

2. This rookie class is god-awful and we are running out of ways to describe how bad it is.

At the end of the season, NBA coaches are asked to vote for five players for an All-Rookie Team. We defy anyone who has watched this season to go five-deep into the rookie pool.

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