Bernucca: Lackluster Lakers fooling themselves and their fans

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Dwight Howard dominates the paint on both ends, Kobe Bryant plays less than 30 minutes for the first time this season, Steve Nash runs the offense with precision, the defense has its best game in weeks and the Lakers run away with a 20-point win in their Sunday home whites.

So, everything’s back to normal again in Tinseltown, right?

Who cares that it was against the Cavaliers, who lose three of every four games they play? Or that Cleveland was missing Anderson Varejao, their best rebounder, post defender and energy player? Or that Howard and Bryant were primarily matched up against rookies Tyler Zeller and Dion Waiters?

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Tweet of the Night: Lala Vasquez Anthony

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By now, most of you have heard the rumors about what Kevin Garnett may have said to Carmelo Anthony to make him go berserk during and after the game between the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics in Madison Square Garden back in Jan. 7.

If you don’t know the whole story, just click here to see what all the commotion has been about. To make a long story short, Garnett supposedly told Anthony that his wife and singer Lala Vasquez Anthony tasted like a delicious bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.

Doc Rivers, the coach of Boston Celtics, defended Garnett on Thursday by stating that his center never said such things, guaranteed.

It’s unlikely that we’ll ever find out what exactly was said between the players, but one thing is for absolute certain: the cereal known as Honey Nut Cheerios will never quite sound the same again.

On Thursday night, Mrs. Anthony decided to break her silence about the matter in non-dramatic fashion, as you’ll find below:

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SH Blog: Garnett allegedly said Anthony’s wife tastes like cereal, Love and Varejao to miss significant time


Nobody can say no to Honey Nut Cheerios?

It probably wasn’t exactly in those words, but it’s close enough to describe what Kevin Garnett may have said to Carmelo Anthony about his wife LaLa (Vazquez) Anthony to push him over the top.

Garnett apparently picked a very poor time to use Anthony’s wife as a method of trash talk, according to Marianne Garvey of Daily News:

Carmelo Anthony lost his cool after Boston Celtics bigmouth Kevin Garnett reportedly said his wife “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios” — a dig at Anthony, who is estranged from his sweet spouse. The NBA superstars nearly came to blows Monday night after Garnett incorporated the General Mills cereal in a fit of trash talking about reality TV-star La La Anthony. “Your… wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios,” Garnett told Anthony in a heated Eastern Conference game at Madison Square Garden, according to the website Black Sports Online. Garnett’s slight came off as offensive and tasteless to Melo, who is having marital problems, a source told the Daily News.  Anthony and his wife have been living apart for at least two months, and La La rang in the New Year without him in Miami’s South Beach, the source said. “Getting ready to shut down Miami TONIGHT. Happy New Year!” La La tweeted from South Beach on New Year’s Eve. Anthony refused Tuesday to confirm what Garnett said to set him off, but he acknowledged that the caustic Celtic “crossed the line.”

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