UPDATE – Buyout Bonanzas: Granger, Butler, Fredette Could Help Playoff Teams; Udrih claimed by Grizz

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danny grangerDoes anyone want Danny Granger?

How about Jimmer Fredette?

Perhaps Caron Butler?

And how about this: Someone — the Memphis Grizzlies — wanted Beno Udrih so badly they claimed him off waivers.

This is the last week for contenders to shore up their playoff  rosters with NBA players for a run they hope will last into June. It is becoming known as February Free Agency.

The official NBA rule is that teams have until 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday, March 1 to waive a player so he can be used on a postseason roster this season. So over the next few days, there will be a barrage of rumors, buyouts and transactions and we will keep you abreast of all the latest information here at SheridanHoops.

The Los Angeles Clippers already made a big splash this week by signing Glen “Big Baby” Davis, who had the final two years of his contract bought out by Orlando.

It’s a good fit. The Clippers desperately needed a backup big who warrants defensive attention, and Davis helped current Clippers coach Doc Rivers win one championship and almost a second in Boston.

But the big name that will be on the free agent market over the next few days is Granger.

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Tweet of the Night: Sarcastic tweet about Jermaine O’Neal from Rockets’ official twitter account backfires

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Jermaine O'NealThe Golden State Warriors were missing their defensive anchor in Andrew Bogut, but Thursday’s game against the Houston Rockets was one they couldn’t afford to lose.

Heading into the contest, Houston was the only Western Conference team the Warriors had failed to beat this season. Just as importantly, a win against them would bring Golden State within four games of the third seed – still well within reach with 27 games left to play.

Tweet of the Day: Players React To Deadline Deals

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Thursday in the NBA meant trades, at least it normally would. It was the trade deadline after all.

Trade activity started slow, but picked up as the deadline drew near. A total of nine deals went down Thursday, add the two that occurred Wednesday and a total of 11 occurred before the clock struck at 3:00 PM.

If you’re looking for all of the details, SheridanHoops has plenty of trade deadline coverage.

Of course, while all of the writers, analysts and experts have fun breaking down the trades and talking to their hearts’ content, there is a group of individuals more directly impacted by the deals who have their own thoughts to share … the players.

Here is some of the feedback that they have shared on Twitter.

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Bernucca: Clippers Captain is Back, But the Ship Ran Just Fine Without CP3


ChrisPaulSH1Chris Paul returned to the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday.

We don’t want to be party-poopers, but it probably should be pointed out that the Clippers were better without him.

This does not mean that GM Gary Sacks should start exploring trade possibilities for a top-five player. And it doesn’t mean that coach Doc Rivers should go with the hot hand at point guard at the end of games.

But it does mean that if the Clippers want to win a championship this season – which is entirely within the realm of possibility – Paul has to reacclimate himself with his teammates more than they do to him.

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Most Improved Player Rankings: Seahawks show improvement is the key to life

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Welcome to the real season.


Now that the Super Bowl is over and the NFL finally fades into the background of the American sports scene, many casual sports fans turn their attention to the NBA, as if the only sport that existed from Mondays to Saturdays in January was Herm Edwards and Ron Jaworski yelling hyperbolic nonsense at each other.

Football’s bloated specter can be overbearing at times, especially with The Worldwide Leader making Daily Mail stories out of day-to-day NFL occurrences. But sometimes, it can provide a brilliant bastion from which basketball players can draw inspiration.

Ahh, alliteration.

Watching Seattle’s 43-8 beatdown of Denver on Sunday night, I couldn’t help but marvel at the way the Seahawks do things.

The Seahawks get it.

Pete Carroll gets it.

Here they were, the third-youngest team in Super Bowl history, mauling the legendary Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on the biggest of stages. The moment wasn’t too big for them. They played awesome.

In fact, you could argue that there’s no way they possibly could have played better. Everyone on that defense was on point, all game long, doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing.

LeBron James would have been proud.

In the next few weeks, you will probably hear a lot about how Carroll “loves his players up,” and preaches positivity and holistic wellness. His teams eat right, stretch right, exercise right – hell, they even meditate before practice.

He asks his guys how they’re doing in their personal lives and tries to help them if they’re going through a tough time or not feeling right. No, seriously.

Carroll’s belief is that happier players make better players. But it goes deeper than that.

He knows that if you want to be successful in athletics, you have to work hard. Really hard.

You have to be mature, responsible and accountable. You have to have a kid-like passion, a joyful enthusiasm that gives meaning and reason to the sacrifices you’re putting yourself through. Maybe that’s why the 62-year old Carroll acts like he’s 26.

You need to find that athletic state of mind that only comes with repetition; refine your mental and physical approach so that there is no wasted movement, no wasted thoughts.

And then you need to repeat it. Over and over and over again, until it comes so naturally that you can call on it, on command in any city, any setting in the world, in front of tens of thousands of people and millions more watching at home.

You have to stay positive about what you’re looking to accomplish, even in the face of doubters and negative thinkers.

You have to take a chance and buy in.

If you listened to the Seahawks in their postgame interviews Sunday, they said things like, “We believed we could be a great team. We didn’t know how it was going to work out, but we believed.”

That’s what improvement is about. That’s what life is about.

And that’s why what the Seahawks did on Sunday was so special.

On to the rankings.

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