Bernucca: The Disabled Dozen — Key Injuries as Camps Start

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kobeinjuryWith NBA training camps now open, every team will be using October to try to answer questions about their rosters. But for teams with injured stars, the questions have greater significance.

Like, how long can the Lakers stay afloat without Kobe Bryant?

Is Danny Granger going to come off the bench for the Pacers?

Are the Warriors really a better team without David Lee?

No less than nine current or former All-Stars will start the 2013-14 season with doubt swirling around them because they are coming off a serious injury. They comprise the majority of our list, which we like to call The Disabled Dozen.

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WNBA Week in Review: Stars Face Revival, Injury


Picture_4The past week of WNBA action has been one of memorable and gut-wrenchingly painful proportions. From breakout performances to tragic injuries, we’ve seen every end of the spectrum come to fruition as the regular season begins to take shape.

Hubbard: History suggests Rose critics should be careful


Derrick RosePerhaps the most impressive aspect of the controversy engulfing Derrick Rose is that he has been supported by the majority of journalists who expressed an opinion. (For example, here.)

That’s not to say his continued absence from the Bulls’ lineup has been universally endorsed. Some have ventured into the dangerous territory of suggesting that Rose should be playing after undergoing surgery on his left ACL, and certainly the Bulls encouraged such criticism in March when they announced that Rose had been cleared to play.

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Bernucca: Ouch! Many Teams Banged Up as Playoffs Draw Near

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Gallinari injuryDanilo Gallinari’s season-ending injury this week put the Denver Nuggets in a club whose membership seems to get larger every day.

Playoff teams missing key players.

There are very few teams who will be at full strength when the playoffs start two weekends from now. But two of those teams are last year’s NBA Finals combatants, which could make for a relatively mundane postseason.

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Spurs’ Ginobili out 3-4 weeks

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manu ginobiliAll season, San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has rested his players during tough stretches of the schedule to have them healthy for the postseason.

A sound strategy, no doubt. But it may not be working.

The Spurs announced Monday that do-it-all guard Manu Ginobili – who already has missed most of the last two games with a hamstring injury – will be out three to four weeks with a strained right hamstring.