Tweet of the Night: Trevor Ariza reacts to being rejected by 5-foot-9 Isaiah Thomas

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Boston guard Isaiah Thomas is a relatively-tiny 5-foot-9, while Houston small forward Trevor Ariza is 6-foot-8 and one of the league’s premier defenders. So if Ariza were to take the ball hard to the rim, you wouldn’t expect Thomas to reject him. But that’s exactly what happened in a recent Seattle Pro-Am game:Ariza, to his credit, had an appropriate emoji response about the incident when asked on Twitter:😂😂 — trevorariza (@TrevorAriza) August 29, 2015Thomas, a Pacific Northwest native, didn’t directly comment on


Tweet of the Night: Isaiah Thomas wishes he could undo his tattoos


Expression through art work in the form of tattoos is a big thing for NBA players. In fact, more than half the players in the league represent themselves with ink in some way. Some keep it to a minimum like Stephen Curry, while others go all out the way J.R. Smith did. Most don’t appear to have much regret about getting decorated, but Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas would apparently take it back if he had the chance to: [Read


Tweet of the Night: Isaiah Thomas is ready to break down his game to improve

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Are we about to see a much-improved version of Isaiah Thomas in the near future? The point guard, who may or may not start for the Boston Celtics next season, averaged 19 points and 5.4 assists in 21 games for the team after getting traded from the Phoenix Suns late in the season. He was a catalyst in helping Boston make a surprising push to make it to the playoffs with his aggressive approach. [Read more…]


Tweet of the Night: Bill Simmons questions whether Aldridge is worth it for Spurs, players react to Day 3 of free agency


Slowly but surely, the free agent market is starting to dry out with over 40 signings in the first three days of the free agency period. Further significant signings occurred on Friday with the biggest deal going down for DeAndre Jordan, who decided to bolt the Los Angeles Clippers to join the Dallas Mavericks for four years on an $80 million contract. Other significant and relevant deals included the following: Tobias Harris agreed to stay in Orlando for a four-year, $64 million


Sheridan: My Postseason Awards Ballot; Toughest MVP Vote Ever


There is a reason why I always wait until the 82nd game of the season is in the books before deciding on my postseason awards choices. Three words: What’s the hurry? This is a lesson I learned way back in 1999 when I was covering a late regular-season game at the Alamodome during the lockout-shortened 50-game season. There were still three of four games left, and I was sitting alongside a veteran reporter from USA Today and asked him which way he


Bernucca: My annual NBA award picks

Coach of the Year

I write this column every year two days before the regular season ends, and I usually get right to the point. But this year I am going to start a little differently. So let me get one item off my chest and out of the way: Michele Roberts is way off base. The new executive director of the NBA Players Association tried to reinvent the wheel this week when it was reported that she is instituting the Players Choice Awards, which will


Bernucca: Mythbuster Brad Stevens No Longer a “College Coach”

Brad stevens Celtics

With the NCAA Tourament upon us, it seems like as good a time as any to remind everyone that there is a canyon between coaching in college and coaching in the NBA. There is more than a generation of evidence which clearly illustrates that any NBA team hiring a head coach directly from college is making a huge mistake. P.J. Carlesimo. Tim Floyd. Leonard Hamilton. Lon Kruger. Mike Montgomery. Jerry Tarkanian. Rick Pitino, who failed twice. Even John Calipari, who is


Bernucca: Westbrook is Awesome, But Not Hardenesque in MVP Race

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Let’s get something out of the way here. Russell Westbrook is awesome. Westbrook is one of the game’s top five players, and I’ve felt that way for a couple of years. He may not be a better conventional point guard than Chris Paul or Tony Parker or Stephen Curry. But if any of those guys even dream about being a better player than Westbrook, they better wake up and get back to reality. I also love watching Westbrook play. I cannot recall