Sheridan: Top 10 Players Most Likely to be Traded

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feb20There are three days left until the trade deadline, the best Thursday of the season, no matter what TNT might say. Folks stay glued to their Twitter feeds awaiting word of who is heading where, with 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. ET the most riveting two hours of the entire season.

This season, with so many weak Eastern Conference teams trying to add a difference maker that would allow them to compete with the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, and with the Western Conference race basically a nine-team affair, there is a strong desire to get better immediately among at least half of the teams in the league.

Does that mean that 15 teams will be involved in trades? Heck no. That only happens on draft night.

Sheridan: Who is Most Likely to be Traded?


3D guy turning over the calendar page. January.The month of February is right around the corner, and with it comes the Super Bowl, the All-Star Game and the trading deadline.

Predictions for all three: Gonna be a ton of empty seats at the Meadowlands. Too damn cold. You think the folks who attend that game are fans? Yes, they are fans of luxury, warmth and freebies. Real fans will be able to get into the game for $100 on the secondary ticket market.

All-Star Game: “We are looking at everything.” How many times will Adam Silver say that in his first formal news conference as commissioner? The over/under is 9.5. Now that the David Stern Era is over, the league needs some changes, beginning with the format for the postseason.

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First up, there was a small but potentially significant trade today, with the Bulls dealing Marquis Teague to Brooklyn for Tornike Shengelia. I wrote up the report on it, so go read it and then tell me whether or not I’m an idiot. My Twitter link is at the end of this article. Seriously, do it.

Bernucca: Cap Room, Exceptions, Expiring Deals: Who Has What as NBA Trading Season Begins


220px-Rudy_GayThe NBA holiday shopping season is upon us a little early this year.

It usually starts December 15, the first day players who were signed in the offseason become eligible to be traded. But after seeing Rudy Gay’s immovable contract somehow sent from Toronto to Sacramento, it is clear that shopping season is under way. 

Come next Sunday, NBA general managers will have increased flexibility when looking to improve their rosters, which was Kings GM Pete D’Alessandro’s approach in acquiring Gay, or their payroll, which was Raptors GM Masai Ujiri’s approach in moving him.

In addition to the Raptors-Kings deal, we’ve already heard reports that the Houston Rockets are telling teams reserve center Omer Asik is on the block and they are looking to move him between Sunday and Dec. 19, which is the deadline for any player acquired for Asik to be rerouted before the trade deadline on Feb. 20.

So Rockets GM Daryl Morey may make two deals. Or he may make one deal. Or he may not deal at all.

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The standings are always a little wonky at this point. Some contenders get off to slow starts, some pretenders look like world-beaters.