Massive Twitter Reaction For Kentucky Final Four Victory

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Media pundits argue all of the time about which athletes contain the “clutch gene.”

Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Ray Allen, Tom Brady, John Elway rank among the greats in the respective sports. Even players like Tim Tebow have garnered acclaim for playing big in the clutch moments.

Kentucky Wildcats guard Aaron Harrison has proven himself to be a major “clutch” player with ice in his veins.

For three games in-a-row heading into the NCAA National Championship game, he has hit the go-ahead three-point shot to win. Three straight game winners. THREE. How clutch is that?

After having hit last-second shots to advance from the Sweet 16 to the Elite 8 and again to the Final Four, Wildcats’ fans (and college basketball fans in general) were on the edge of their seats as the final seconds ticked off the clock as the game was the Wisconsin Badgers to lose—up 73-71. The ball made its way into Aaron Harrison’s hands, and the rest is history.

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Tweet of the Night: Jared Dudley rips himself for being terrible all season long

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DudleyWhen the Los Angeles Clippers acquired J.J. Redick and Jared Dudley over the summer via trade, many around the league felt that the team surrounded Chris Paul and Blake Griffin with the perfect pieces: solid role players with exceptional touch from the outside to provide great spacing for both stars. Paul would pick defenses apart with so many options to choose from, while Griffin would have all the room he could ask for to operate in the low block.

For the most part, those things have come to fruition. Redick had been terrific for the team prior to his hand injury, while Paul and Griffin have averaged a double-double so far on the season. The one piece that has yet to pan out has been the play of Dudley, as the small forward has been less than stellar for the team. He has averaged 8.2 points on a career worst 43.3 percent from the field and just 32.1 percent from beyond the arc. He has also grabbed a career worst 1.7 rebounds despite playing nearly 29 minutes per game. 

Tweet of the Day: Clippers Fall to Pacers

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The Los Angeles Clippers and Indiana Pacers have proven they’re capable to contend for a championship already this season.

Combined, they have a 28-7 record and are both on top of their divisions.

On Sunday the Pacers were in Los Angeles to battle the Clippers and came away victorious with a score of 105-100.

Paul George didn’t disappoint, scoring 27 in the win. He tweeted after the game, and take note of his post-game outfit. Yes, he’s starting to become Russell Westbrook.



LA struggled in the final minutes of the ball game. They trailed by a couple of points and was forced to send Indiana to the line, but the rebounds were tipped by the Pacers and time expired.

Clippers forward Jared Dudley also took to Twitter after the loss, he appears to be looking past the loss and is focused on their upcoming seven-game East Coast road trip.


This week will be a true test for the Pacers as they continue their West Coast trip Monday against the Portland Trail Blazers and will play the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder later in the week.

Tweet of the Night: NBA Players’ Reactions to Thursday Night Games

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Russell Westbrook pulls up for three in the waning seconds against Golden State.

You may think you know the biggest NBA fan…or, perhaps, you think you deserve that distinction yourself.

Everyone has their moment, impassioned by the play of their favorite player(s) on their favorite team(s) while watching their favorite sport. Some fans are crazy and have fits of rage when their team doesn’t play to their expectations. Others, however, may be more subdued when facing . They’d rather turn off the television and go to bed before seeing the end of the game if their team is losing.

Some fans enjoy a great game, regardless of who is playing.

However, the greatest fans—in any sport, but especially in basketball—are likely the guys who have committed their lives to it…the players, themselves.

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The Top 10 Surprises of the NBA season

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It’s exactly 10 days into this NBA regular season, it feels like 10 weeks for those who cover the league on a regular basis, and a whole hell of a lot has already happened.

Few things have gone as expected, of course the undefeated start for the Pacers is an exception, and surprises abound across the league. Here are 10 that immediately came to mind, including a pair of dazzling young point guards, one major market team in big trouble and another that’s downright irrelevant right now.

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