Bernucca: All not lost in lost weekend for road teams

lost weekend

Hey, how about those road teams in the playoffs, hunh? It was a lost weekend that would have made Ray Milland proud. I spent huge chunks of Saturday and Sunday at an AAU tournament and missed several games. When I finally got home and turned on the TV, I wished I was back at the AAU tournament. If you didn’t watch the NBA playoffs this weekend, you didn’t miss much. All eight road teams lost Game 1, the first time that has happened


Tweet of the Day: Daryl Morey


With the NBA playoffs right around the corner and the field set for the most part, seeding is about all there’s left to wrap up in the regular season (if you’re not the Miami Heat). One knock on the NBA — relative to other sports — is that there is not a lot of turnover. The playoff bracket in the East is set, with only Brooklyn replacing Philadelphia from last year. [Read more…]


Fantasy Spin: Injured Kobe Inspires Lakers; Heat Win #21; Harden (37) Leads Rockets

Chris Bosh

Call it motivational, maybe even inspirational. On a severely sprained ankle, Kobe Bryant actually started and played 12 minutes, though he was scoreless and spent the rest of the game as a self-appointed assistant coach. Dwight Howard (20 PTS, 12 REB, 4 AST, 4 BLK) was a force, Steve Nash (15 PTS, 9 AST, 4 REB) played well and Metta World Peace (19 PTS, 7 REB, 3 AST, 2 STL) raised his game, but it was the Lakers’ bench that made


SH Blog: Nelson and Lewis blast Howard for negative comment, Rose considered day-to-day

Jameer Nelson

Dwight Howard sure did open up a can of worms when he called out his former teammates in a recent interview with Kristine Leahy, saying he led a group of guys that no one else wanted on their team. Didn’t Howard say he has learned his lesson when it comes to discussing matters of this nature with the media? It’s well known around the league that the big man simply wants to be liked by everyone. Newsflash: no one is going to