SH Blog: Rondo expects to win NBA title, plans to beat Jeremy Lin “pretty badly”


Today’s major news might make you very sad: Sasha Vujacic is no longer in a relationship with Maria Sharapova. Actually, most guys are probably happy to hear of this development (or not give a damn). In equally important news, former 90210 stars Jennie Garth and Luke Perry are not dating as previously thought. Jokes aside, we do have some very interesting material in today’s news, including a slew of noteworthy quotes from Rajon Rondo, an explanation of Dwyane Wade’s beef with Erik Spoelstra


SH Blog: Chris Bosh says Lakers are the best team “on paper”, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez aiming for championship


The NBA is constantly active for the most part, but it does have quiet moments and phases in the summer — and we appear to be at one of those times. So what do we do when nothing is going on? Sometimes, asking players thought-provoking questions such as “Who do you think will win it all for the upcoming season?”, or “Who is the best player of all time?” can get us through a day, if the answers are interesting.


Tweet of the Night: Landry Fields

Landry Fields

Happy Birthday, @! I bought you a couch..
Landry Fields
Tweet of the Night goes to Landry Fields, who wished his close friend Jeremy Lin a happy birthday and reminded him of how things were in their days as Knicks players, when Lin would sleep on Fields’ couch while trying to solidify his role with the team.  Both players have moved on since then, with Lin controversially signing with the Houston Rockets while Fields landed with the Toronto Raptors over the summer. The special bond between the two was


SH Blog: Utah Jazz acquire new GM, former player Dan Roundfield died trying to save wife

DeJuan Blair

You know transactions in the NBA have drastically slowed down when Louis Amundson is the top free-agent interest of the day, with all due respect. Luckily, there are some other interesting news from around the league that you can find below, along with some sad news:Dennis Lindsey is officially the new general manager of the Utah Jazz, according to Brian T. Smith. Here is a brief history on Lindsey: “Sixteen years after taking a pay cut just so he could trade


SH Blog: Jeremy Lin goes to Taiwan

lin rockets

Things are starting to really heat up in the Olympics, after Team USA survived a tough contest with Lithuania yesterday.  For coverage of that, and all the other Olympic action, check out Nick Gibson’s Olympic recap from yesterday.  Also be sure to check out Chris Sheridan talking about the lessons the Americans have to take away from that Lithuania game, and the five most important questions with the end of pool play.  And, if you missed it, here’s the latest


Hamilton: Biggest Winners Among NBA Players This Summer

Andray Blatche

After examining the biggest losers among NBA players this summer, it’s only right that we examine those that have cashed in. Centers always have and always will be hot commodities in the NBA, but some of the players below have found themselves in new situations with excellent opportunities. Sometimes, winning as a free agent is a result of being in the right place at the right time. And sometimes, it requires falling down before dusting yourself off and finding a new beginning.


SH Blog: LeBron James wants Kevin Durant to be a scorer, Kobe Bryant admits Dream Team is better than current team

Kobe Bryant

The Olympics is fully underway, which means  you’ll be reading plenty of news about NBA players involved in the special event for the foreseeable future. In today’s news, you’ll find LeBron James’ take on Kevin Durant’s role on a team full of superstars, Nicolas Batum’s thoughts on Team USA, Kobe Bryant’s trackback on Dream Team comment along with some player movements.Kevin Durant has tried his best to not be a ball hog on a team full of dominant scorers, but


SH Blog: Pau Gasol calls himself a “beast”, David Stern calls out Dwight Howard’s agent

LeBron James Kevin Durant Carmelo Anthony

Friday night marked the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, which means Team USA will soon be in action. They will play the first game against Tony Parker and France on Sunday and will face plenty of challenges, according to our Chris Sheridan, who is in Europe and witnessing everything as it happens. Check out his predictions for the Olympics here. Today’s news includes some coverage of players involved with the Olympics, along with all the other relevant happenings around