Gonzo: Remembering a genius and a legend, Dean Smith


H.G. Wells once said, “success is to be measured not by wealth, power, or fame, but by the ratio of what a man is, and what he can be.” Well, I know this to be true. The late Dean Smith was a giant of a man, a giant of a coach and lived a life that can be called unparalleled because he meant so much to so many. He built and sustained a legacy and a fraternity of players and coaches that


Rookie Rankings, Week 22: Not the Worst Draft Ever. Not Yet, Anyway

Nerls NBA Draft Combine

There’s been some talk lately that the 2013 draft could be the worst in NBA history. We could wait more than a year before jumping into the adjoining worlds of shortsightedness and hyperbole, couldn’t we? Yes, this was a bad draft. We’ve said it ourselves several times. For the first time since 2001, the top pick is going to average less than five points per game. For the first time since 1988, the Rookie of the Year is probably going to be


SH Blog: Kobe out for USA team, LeBron compliments Nets offseason moves

When Kobe Bryant infamously ruptured his Achilles tendon just before the start of the playoffs this past season, many wondered about the future of the superstar and whether he would ever regain his form. The assumption that he would likely have to miss at least the first couple months of the upcoming season was a foregone conclusion. It wasn’t even a matter of doubt. It was a simple matter of medical science and what is typically expected of players that


SH Blog: Raptors closing in on Ujiri; Howard warming on Rockets; Wolves like Oladipo, Shabazz

Masai Ujiri

Even though the Pacers lost Game 1, they had to have impressed many impartial observers. Maybe the Heat won’t have an easy path to the Finals after all. Or maybe the first game was an aberration and they’ll turn on the jets and roll over Indiana from here on out. We’ll see, I guess. For some analysis of what went wrong for Indy at the end of OT, check out Chris Sheridan’s column blaming Paul George. And since we’re about to


SH Blog: Phil Jackson predicts Heat in 6, Sterling admits letting go of Del Negro was to keep his players happy

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson has been all over the news over the past week. It all started when the details of his new book was revealed about how he compared Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. More importantly, people still want to know whether there is any chance of seeing the Zen Master back on the sidelines for any team. The answer to that question, unfortunately, appears to be a resounding no for the foreseeable future. Here is what he told Arash Markazi


SH Blog: More on Riley vs. Ainge; Cody Zeller’s draft prospects; Tobias Harris rocks


It’s Easter weekend, and the Jesuits still haven’t stopped partying. (Pope joke). A win today by Marquette might make ’em party through the night and tell jokes in both Latin and Greek. It’s the second-most most important weekend in college sports, the weekend in which the Final Four is decided. I’ve got Louisville, Michigan, Marquette, and Ohio State. Two of them were in my original Final Four. On the other hand, I picked three of the eight teams remaining to go


SH Blog: Carlesimo says he’s the best coach for Nets, Rivers defends Garnett

Don’t look now, but the good times are rolling for the Brooklyn Nets again, as it did when the team won 11 of its first 15 contests to begin the season. Rape investigations aside, of course. So who’s to thank for the turnaround? Improving to 20-15 from 14-14 since the dismissal of Avery Johnson, the team has played with much better chemistry in recent games, and more importantly, the play of point guard Deron Williams has gone up several notches. Certainly, interim