Five Things to Watch: Milwaukee Bucks

OJ Mayo

Capping off a mediocrity-defining three-year stretch that saw them finish ninth, ninth and eighth in the East, the Milwaukee Bucks should have entered the summer of 2013 with change as the most obvious mandate. As in change everything. Despite a return to the playoffs and encouraging progress from big men Larry Sanders, Ersan Ilyasova and John Henson, the Bucks had little to show for their efforts last season, as coaching upheaval and a dysfunctional locker room motivated GM John Hammond to take a


SH Blog: Jackson’s motives for calling out Denver, Kobe says Lakers can win with current core


As we head into an all-important Game 6 between the Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets on Thursday, lets first get whatever happened in Game 5 out of the way and hope that nothing dumb – like players getting ejected or face suspensions over unnecessary physical play – happens. The word, at least according to Mark Jackson and his “source”, is that Denver’s game plan was to go after Stephen Curry, who had completely lit them up in the previous three


Lionel Hollins a Candidate to Replace Boylan in Milwaukee?


Lionel Hollins is busy right now coaching the Memphis Grizzlies against the Los Angeles Clippers, and his future has been a matter of speculation ever since he publicly questioned the motivation and sanity behind the midseason trades that got the Grizzlies under the salary cap. He also is on the final year of his contract in Memphis, and there has been no public indication from ownership whether they want to keep him around. If not, there could be a job waiting for


SH Blog: What’s next for the Lakers? Aaron McKie or Larry Drew next Sixers coach? Splitter to miss 2nd round?


The Celtics aren’t done yet. Despite blowing a 20-point lead, Boston hung in there to pull out an OT win and send the series back to New York for Game 5. The Bucks and Lakers, on the other hand, are done. The Lakers never had much of a chance without Kobe Bryant, and the Bucks got stuck by the wrecking ball known as the Heat. Speaking of the Bucks, here’s a column from Chris Sheridan that questions whether Brandon Jennings is


VIDEO: Sheridan on Life Without Kobe, Coaching Carousel

Dwight Howard

Life without Kobe Bryant for the Los Angeles Lakers began Sunday night, and it wasn’t so bad. In fact, it was pretty good. With Dwight Howard having a big game and Steve Blake somehow outplaying Tony Parker, the Lakers defeated the suddenly struggling San Antonio Spurs and need just one more win to clinch a playoff berth. [Read more…]


SH Blog: Carlesimo opens up about Sprewell incident, Bynum to have season-ending surgery


How much do you know about the Brooklyn Nets head coach P.J. Carlesimo? Other than the Latrell Sprewell choke incident and the insistence on starting Kevin Durant at the two once upon a time – both disastrous scenarios – you probably don’t know too much about the man. That’s about to change some, as you’ll learn about his loyalty, what he thought about the “choke” incident, how he thinks the 2012 USA Team would fare against The Dream Team and more


Bernucca: Lakers aren’t only team with serious issues


Think the Lakers have problems?  Well, yeah, they do. But if you get all of your NBA news from the Worldwide Leader, you would think the Lakers are the only team that has problems. But this week, three teams with better records than the Lakers started showing some cracks in their foundations. Of course, they don’t have the same 12-car pile-up quality that the Lakers’ problems have, so their issues are overlooked. [Read more…]


Five Fast Facts From NBA Games 1.22.13

Kevin Durant

Searching the Web for the most interesting facts,’s newest daily feature presents five items from last night’s slim slate of NBA games. A current Cavs player broke a former Cavs record, the Clippers and Thunder squared off in a battle to see who rules the West, and the Magic continued their disappearing act. Read this … and then enjoy your day. [Read more…]