Bernucca: Future murky for Lakers, biggest underachievers in NBA history

Dwight Howard Steve Nash

Before Game 4 of their Western Conference first-round series against the San Antonio Spurs, the Los Angeles Lakers handed out white towels to fans at the Staples Center. Apparently, someone in the marketing department didn’t understand symbolism. By halftime, those towels had become flags of surrender for the Lakers, the biggest underachieving team in the history of the NBA. Dwight Howard offered his own symbolism, figuratively throwing in the towel midway through the third quarter. Unwilling to grit his teeth and bang


Bernucca: Money for nothing, checks for free

Lamar Odom

Now that we are about a month into the NBA season, are you disappointed in the performance of a player or two on your favorite team? Take a number and get in line. There are dozens of players who are not coming close to meeting expectations this season. And when you factor in their salaries and how much they limit their team’s financial flexibility, it can be downright infuriating. [Read more…]


SH Blog: Joe Johnson to Nets, Marvin Williams traded for Devin Harris (in principle)


The time is near for a decision to come out of the biggest free agent prize this off-season in Deron Williams. The Brooklyn Nets have done all they can to keep the gifted point guard, and there have been reports that Williams and his family have truly enjoyed their stay in New York. Find out what big trade the team has all but secured today – with or without Williams – along with plenty of other free agency news. With so