Tweet of the Day: Chandler Parsons

600px-Justin_Verlander_on_May_20,_2008 2

While the new Collective Bargaining Agreement in the NBA was restructured to discourage general managers from handing out lucrative contracts at will, Major League Baseball believes in no such thing. This morning, the Detroit Tigers and pitcher Justin Verlander agreed on a five-year contract extension through 2019 with an option for 2020.  [Read more…]


SH Blog: The Three-Man Weave, Week 2

What a first half of the season, huh? As we head into the break, the Three-Man Weave covers LeBron James’ remarkable run, what to look forward to during All-Star Weekend 2013 edition, and which teams may be poised for a second-half push that sneaks them into the postseason. Without further ado, the second edition of the Three-Man Weave: [Read more…]