Tweet of the Day: Kendall Marshall Rides Uber, Eats Wingstop Wings

Some NBA athletes are cool. They’re still do many things just the same as the rest of us non-professional athlete types. It’s always a good reminder that they’re people too. Sure, they’re on television, likely have more money than most of us and play a sport for a living that, for the rest of us, is simply recreational fun. Still, they’re people. Take Milwaukee Bucks guard Kendall Marshall, for instance. He’s just a chill dude. Today, he was hungry and ventured out to


Tweet of the Day: Excitement for the 2014-15 NBA Season Abounds


After months of waiting and a summer full of roster change and player movement, the dawn of the 2014-15 NBA regular season is now upon us. Play begins with three games Tuesday night. The New Orleans Pelicans host the Orlando Magic at 8 p.m. (EST). The game will air the local Fox Sports affiliates — FSNOLA and FS Florida, otherwise, you can find it on NBA League Pass. Meanwhile, the NBA on TNT crew will host a doubleheader, starting with the


NBA Players React To Breaking News about Steve Nash

Steve Nash's unfortunate injury deprives Jeremy Lin the opportunity to learn from one of the greats.

Steve Nash’s unfortunate injury deprives Jeremy Lin the opportunity to learn on the court from one of the greats. Jeremy Lin now has some epic level shoes to fill. There was always a very real chance that Steve Nash may not get the opportunity to see any action this season. After all, in his two previous seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, he has only managed to play in a combined 65 games — including a dismal 15


Tweet of the Day: NBA Athletes React To Adrian Peterson Abuse Charges

Carolina Panthers v Minnesota Vikings

Not to downplay the seriousness of the situation the Atlanta Hawks are facing, with both GM Danny Ferry and owner Bruce Levenson in hot water for racially charged, if not completely insensitive and racist, remarks. However, it would seem that they have managed to fly relatively below sonar as far as the bulk of mainstream media and public outrage is concerned. Why? The National Football League. The bulk of public outrage and media coverage has gone to the NFL. Monday through Thursday


Tweet of the Day: Matt Barnes, Kendall Marshall Discuss Ferguson, Missouri

Ferguson, MO

If you hadn’t heard already, troubles in Iraq, Gaza and Ukraine aside, there is an extreme amount of unrest here within our own American shores. In the small city of Ferguson, Missouri, an unarmed 18-year-old young man, Michael Brown, was shot and killed by a police officer over the weekend. In the days since his ill-fated and untimely death, no charges have been filed against his shooter. If you’re looking to catch up on the events in Ferguson, USA Today has a


Tweet Of The Night: Kendall Marshall responds to fan about returning to LA

Kendall Marshall

It’s no secret that the Milwaukee Bucks latest addition Kendall Marshall, is an avid user of social media. He is heavily engaged in the activities of his Twitter account, and often interacts with fans. Marshall tends to show his humorous side when he tweets, often making jokes or lighthearted statements usually in fun. Earlier this evening Marshall was asked if he was returning back to Los Angeles, where he played last season as a Laker. With injuries sidelining many key players


SH Blog: Warriors won’t sacrifice defense for Love

Steph and Klay

We’re at the point in the NBA offseason where we start asking why nobody wants the best RFAs on the market. Last year it was Brandon Jennings, and the answer was obvious: he’s Brandon Jennings. This year, it’s Greg Monroe and Eric Bledsoe, and there isn’t a clear answer to be had. In a market where Chandler Parsons gets a $15 million per year offer sheet, you’d think somebody would go after them, even if it’s just to set the


Tweet of the Night: Kendall Marshall gets mistaken for an Israeli player

With a slew of injuries to key point guards for the Los Angeles Lakers, Kendall Marshall was brought in as an emergency replacement in mid-season for the team last season. He wasn’t expected to do much, but actually made quite a name for himself playing under Mike D’Antoni’s point-guard friendly offense, averaging eight points and a whopping 8.8 assists in just under 30 minutes. Almost instantly, he became a fan favorite. It was a feel-good story for the guard who took advantage