Tweet of the Day: Shaq Finds Fault With Fox & Friends First

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Sunday night the NCAA Men’s Tournament came to a close as the University of Connecticut Huskies were crowned National Champions after defeating the preseason’s top-ranked Kentucky Wildcats 60-54.

UCONN point guard Shabazz Napier was named the Final Four’s Most Outstanding Player.

The game was the story of the night, being reported on practically every news show. With so much coverage, there was bound to be some gaffs—and there was, as Shaquille O’Neal found out while watching Heather Childers on Fox & Friends First on Fox News.

Schayes: Losing the Big One; What Kentucky Will Remember

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John Calipari said Duke was "flopping all over the place."Every player with a long career has experienced amazing triumphs and agonizing defeats. What is remarkable is that if you ask most athletes about those events years later, most will admit that the losses stay with them and are more impactful than the wins.

After this year’s NCAA Championship game, Kentucky coach John Calipari could only talk about the missed opportunities. His team missed free throws, turned the ball over or missed shots at crucial times. He rarely mentioned the tremendous play of his opponent, only that his team gave the championship away.

For every Christian Laettner buzzer beater, Immaculate Reception, or other heart-stopping crazy finish, there is a losing team who’s history was changed.

And every fan knows the experience of watching a game slip away play by play. Each missed shot, turnover, or ball that slips through a players hands creates death by slow torture. For it is never the Hail Mary or buzzer beater that is the reason one team wins or loses. It is merely the last thing that people remember.

Gonzo on NCAAs: Guards Will Make the Difference in the Final Four

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Sheridan_hoops_banner (1)I was sitting at the famed Carnegie Deli in NYC over some matzoh ball soup with my dear friend and Jewish godfather (and also a recent basketball Hall of Fame nominee) Howard Garfinkel, who mentioned a quote from a once-famous basketball coach named Elmer Ripley.

The quote dates back more than 50 years and was delivered at a coaching clinic: “The big men are all the same. It’s the guards that make the difference.”

Being that I was once a proud point guard myself, and that Garf was always considered the King of discovering great guards, this quote has always stayed with me and has had a profound impact on my basketball philosophy.

Tweet of the Night: Kentucky is off to the Final Four

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Harrison TwinsWith 2.3 seconds remaining and the NCAA Tournament’s last Final Four spot on the line, Kentucky’s Aaron Harrison gave us our tournament moment.

A good three feet behind the 3-point line, Harrison rose with confidence over Michigan’s Chris LeVERT, an outstanding defender that was constantly impacting the game on that end of the floor all game.


Mock Draft Lottery: Wiggins back at No. 1 Despite Poor NCAA Tournament


Surprisingly, it has only taken one weekend of the NCAA Tournament to knock out my first four projected picks in the NBA draft. It has been six weeks since I did my last Mock Lottery, so expect to see a few changes in the positioning, but the personnel staying relatively the same.

As I have mentioned previously, it is important to note that this list is purely based on the best overall current prospects. Once we know who is picking where and which players decide to stay in school, things will obviously change.

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