Tweet of the Day: NBA Athletes React To Adrian Peterson Abuse Charges

Carolina Panthers v Minnesota Vikings

Not to downplay the seriousness of the situation the Atlanta Hawks are facing, with both GM Danny Ferry and owner Bruce Levenson in hot water for racially charged, if not completely insensitive and racist, remarks. However, it would seem that they have managed to fly relatively below sonar as far as the bulk of mainstream media and public outrage is concerned. Why? The National Football League. The bulk of public outrage and media coverage has gone to the NFL. Monday through Thursday


SH Blog: Lakers could go after Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic next summer, Josh Smith ready to play more at power forward


For some reason, the Phoenix Suns have put themselves in quite the vulnerable situation. With innovative coach Jeff Hornacek at the helm, the Suns were truly one of the biggest surprise teams of last season. No one expected them to be in a dog fight to be a playoff team in April. Hell, not many expected them to win even 30 games.  Yet, they won 48 games and became one of the most dynamic offensive teams in the league (eighth-best offensive


Tweet of the Night: Brandon Jennings wonders if Kevin Durant can become one of the Top 5 greatest of all-time

jennings tattoo

Who knew Brandon Jennings had so much interest about the history of the NBA? The Detroit Pistons point guard has been doing a lot of thinking this offseason, and he has not been shy about sharing some of those thoughts with everyone on twitter. First came a list of current NBA players who he believed would likely make it to the Hall of Fame. Then came his personal belief that Kobe Bryant is a greater player than Michael Jordan. On Tuesday, Jennings turned his


World Cup Day 2: Team USA looks awful in first half of win over Turkey


You probably know by now that Kevin Durant isn’t playing for Team USA. They could have used him Sunday, when his absence exposed virtually all of the warts of this American squad. On the same day ESPN reported that Nike will match Under Armour’s offer of nearly $300 million to Durant, Team USA showed how much it really missed its true alpha dog in an unconvincing 98-77 win over Turkey, which gave every medal contender a blueprint for beating the Americans. In a


Tweet of the Night: Jared Dudley shows perfect way to deal with a troll, Kevin Durant shows stamp of approval


When you’re a professional athlete (or anyone famous) with a countless number of people following you on Twitter, there is always the challenge of dealing with faceless trolls on a daily basis. Take this tweet, for example. @JaredDudley619 @Ra5ik yo Jared, you’re fucking trash bruh. That’s why they traded your bum ass away lmao — Master Wongton (@Ching_Ling666) August 29, 2014The troll, of course, is referring to the unexpected trade that sent Jared Dudley to the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday. Again, this kind of


Free Agency Leftovers: Late August Edition


The summer is winding down, and things are about to get interesting for Team USA as they depart for Spain and push forward toward a much-anticipated matchup with the host nation in the gold medal game. Unless, of course, the United States and Spain do not make it all the way to the final. Hey, a Spain-USA gold medal game is NOT a certainty. Strange things can happen along the way. Ask Paul George, who is out for a year with a