SH Blog: Lakers to sign Kaman and amnesty World Peace; Bynum to Cavs? Warriors to acquire Speights

Andre Iguodala

When it was reported that Andre Iguodala agreed to sign with the Golden State Warriors last Friday, most assumed that the move was made by the front office with a bigger picture in mind: to lure super free agent Dwight Howard into joining the team. That didn’t quite pan out, obviously, which left plenty wondering if the Warriors really just gave up the rights to Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry, as well as future draft picks all for the service of


Tweet of the Day: Bernie Lee


The sports industry can be very lucrative. Many people make a very good living working in professional sports, not the least of which are the agents that represent the athletes that fans often idolize. Agents, generally, have one primary goal in representing different athletes. As Jerry Maguire once screamed on behalf of his client Rod Tidwell, “Show me the money!” That considered, it’s no wonder why Jay-Z will most likely choose to give up his less than one-percent ownership of the Brooklyn


SH Blog: McGrady expresses regret for leaving Raptors; Ibaka expects Martin to leave; Magic trading pick?

Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter

The Toronto Raptors possessed one of the most dynamic and electrifying scoring tandems the league had ever seen at the turn of the century. The only problem? Nobody knew. Now, nearly fifteen years and six NBA teams later, Tracy McGrady is playing in his first NBA Finals with the San Antonio Spurs. Yesterday, McGrady admitted that he and his cousin, Vince Carter, had squandered an opportunity to build a dynasty by not staying together north of the border.   At the Spurs’ press


Tweet of the Night: Kevin Durant continues to support difficult situation in OKC

Kevin Durant crop

They tried to run with “he’s not nice” as a slogan for Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant. That may very well be true when you’re talking about the way he devastates his opponents on the basketball court, but he is anything but “not nice” off the court. Durant willingly donated $1 million – no small amount for any athlete or celebrity – to assist in disaster relief efforts of the horrific tornado that hit and devastated Oklahoma on Tuesday. It’s


LeBron James unanimous pick for All-NBA Team

Anthony - James

LeBron James fell one vote shy of being the unanimous MVP. He had no such issues with the All-NBA Team. The superstar forward of the Miami Heat was the only unanimous selection to the First Team, announced Thursday by the NBA. He was chosen by all 119 media members, whose voting habits remain somewhat questionable.


Tweet of the Day: This just in, Kevin Durant…Still nice.


There once was a time when Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant wanted to separate himself from his “nice guy” image. Nike rolled out a marketing campaign just for the occasion, touting a slogan that stated, “KD is not nice.” Au contraire, mon frère, Durant is still (perhaps) the nicest guy in the midwest—if not the entire league. In lieu of the tragedy that has hit residents in Moore, Oklahoma, Durant has pledged to help ease the pain [as reported by Royce Young of]. [blackbirdpie