NBA Rumors and News for October 18, 2013

Friday, October 18 Daily Trivia: Other than Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game, no two teammates have combined for 100 points in the same game. Can you name the two who came the closest? Bad blood between Brooklyn and Miami Posted at 07:10 PM ET Before the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets’ game on Thursday night, LeBron James said to reporters that he thought the Celtics owed Ray Allen an apology for criticizing him for going to Miami. James mentioned that Kevin Garnett and Paul


Hubbard: 10 Predictions for the 2013-14 Season

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Although I wouldn’t consider myself to be a serious bettor, I do enjoy an occasional trip to Las Vegas, where the betting is legal and sometimes expensive. Vegas is the ultimate venue for those who believe they are blessed with the power of clairvoyance. Think you’re smart enough to predict the outcome of a game, or games? Sports books provide unlimited opportunity for you to prove it. On an ideal day, I would wish for the ability to make three correct


May: 10 Predictions for the 2013-14 Season


Two significant things will happen this NBA season: David Stern will step down as commissioner, probably five years too late. And for the first time in 20 years, the 76ers, Celtics and Lakers all will be out of the playoffs. We know the first to be true. The second is pure conjecture, but it’s more likely than not that three of the top NBA franchises in terms of tradition, history, titles and outsized personalities will be booking trips to ping-pong festivities


Key to Brooklyn’s Title Hopes May Come off Bench


BROOKLYN — The Nets’ blockbuster move to acquire Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry stole headlines, but it says here the bench unit will be the steal of the summer at the season’s conclusion. Garnett is the team’s elder statesman, ranking sixth all-time with 47,801 minutes played over 19 seasons. Paul Pierce, Garnett’s counterpart, will be 36 when the season starts. However, Brooklyn boasts the league’s only bench unit with four double-digit scorers and one double-digit rebounder from last season.


SH Blog: LeBron wants to be the greatest of all time, Kobe says he and Howard were never going to work

NBA Media Day is in full swing for teams all around the league, which means plenty of status updates on players, coaching plans, headline-worthy quotes and more. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so we’ll get right to it:Danny Ainge realizes that the Celtics roster needs work, from Mark Murphy of Boston Herald: “The C’s are loaded at both forwards spots with Green, Brandon Bass, Gerald Wallace and (for now) Kris Humphries. Green’s versatility could actually find the scorer