Hubbard: For the Lakers and Kobe, it was good business

Kobe Bryant

LOS ANGELES – Arriving in at LAX for Thanksgiving proved to be entertaining as usual. Kobe Bryant signed his two-year, $48.5 million extension Monday morning, so by the time my plane touched down late Tuesday, the irrational debate and cheap analysis was kicking into a higher gear among Lakers Nation. This group is one of my favorites because its members live in a self-contained universe where there are only two types of humans – those who are Lakers and those who


Tweet of the Night: More players around the NBA react to Derrick Rose’s injury

After Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose was forced to leave the game early after getting hurt Friday night against the Portland Trailblazers, many feared the worst. Fortunately for Rose  after undergoing an MRI early Saturday, the results revealed he did not suffer another  torn ACL. The injury was however identified as a medial meniscus tear  in his right knee that will require surgery. Derrick Rose has proven to be one of the more accomplished stars of his time, as he was


Sheridan’s MVP rankings: Nov. 20 edition — Kevin Durant at No. 1

miss velezuela

Yeah, we’re all sick of the Pacers. I will be visiting with them tonight at Madison Square Garden when they destroy the New York Knicks in Mike Woodson’s final game, and I will close this paragraph by reminding y’all that I picked Indiana to win the NBA championship. I even went on the BBC prior to the season and advised 120 million viewers to place a wager on them when the odds were between 7-1 and 12-1. Something tells me Ladbroke’s has


Sheridan’s MVP Rankings – Nov. 13 Edition: Paul George at No. 1


There is a temptation to put Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker on this list after what we all witnessed last night in Chicago. Think about it: Every NBA team – great, good or bad – had scouts and player personnel in attendance at the State Farm Classic, where Wiggins’ second half-heroics for Kansas outshined Parker’s 27-point effort for a Duke team that apparently has hired Andris Biedrins as its free throw shooting coach. Even the most diehard NBA fans couldn’t help


SH Blog: Knicks To Pursue Kevin Love; Pelicans Sign Childress, Amundson; LeBron Not Happy With Teammates; Pacers Expect Granger Back This Week

As the NBA season kicks into high gear, two stories surfaced on Tuesday that should come as no surprise.  And of course, they are centering around none other than, traditionally, the leagues two most popular teams: the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers. In just two weeks, both teams who are annually expected to compete for a title, and at the very least, the playoffs, have turned into the leagues biggest trainwrecks.


Bernucca: Like many adored stars, Wade gets a pass


When you’re an adored star in this league, you get a pass on a lot of things. And Dwyane Wade got a pass for an absolutely rockhead play in Miami’s inexplicable loss to Boston on Saturday. The Heat led by four with less than two seconds to play. On their home floor. Against the Celtics. And lost. In regulation. And most of it was on Wade, who (a) faltered in the clutch; (b) made his own strategic decision without any input from the


Heisler: Lakers long-term targets: Love, Durant, Kyrie


It’s already been a long season (and decade) in Lakerdom, even if fans knew the team is rebuilding. They just didn’t think it would last this long. Ding, ding, ding! Reality check! Nothing that’s happened has been a surprise – Kobe Bryant is out, Steve Nash is trying to get his legs under him, Nick Young is Nick Young – but it’s a bad time for Lakers fans, half of whom cheer every win in the hope … well, the team can’t really win


SH Blog: Week One Quick Hitters, Plus: Nash Battling Nerve Damage; Durant Shouldering Load; Larry Sanders Not Happy With New Role

Steve Nash

With week one of the NBA season officially in the books, there is a lot to discuss. Although the season is still young — and it is important to keep that in mind when critiquing a team, player or coach — there are some truths that have been revealed. Before we get to today’s top stories, here’s a few quick hitters: