SH Blog: Cavs Make Play For Love; Nets Push For Garnett; Metta Won’t Opt-Out, Amnesty?

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Kevin LoveWe are less than 48 hours away from the NBA Draft and there is absolutely no certainty at the top.

Who are the Cleveland Cavaliers going to choose?

SheridanHoops’ own Joe Kotoch believes it is Alex Len…today.


Your guess — and his — is as good as mine. Kotoch isn’t totally convinced Cleveland will still own the pick. 

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SH Blog: Monta Ellis rejects extension; Kevin Durant signs with Jay-Z; Spanoulis rips Jeff Van Gundy

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Monta EllisDoes anybody really think Monta Ellis will get a max-contract on the open market, except Monta himself?

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The Evening News: Ellis offered extension; Pistons close to agreement with Cheeks; Love not going anywhere

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Hello and welcome to the Evening News.

As the Finals continue, we’ll keep you updated every evening. What’s happening today?

Here’s the latest from around the league:

Ladewski: Bulls should pursue Al Jefferson in sign-and-trade

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derrick rose 300x160CHICAGO – After the hated Miami Heat bounced his team from the playoffs earlier this week, Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose was nowhere to be found at the team’s practice facility.

Once again, he left coach Tom Thibodeau and a few of his battered, beaten teammates to answer questions about his decision to sit out the entire 2012-13 season.

Then again, some things are best left unsaid.

For Team Try Hard, it was a season of sprained body parts and unfulfilled promise, one of too many ills and not enough thrills. The suggested title of the team video is Next Man Down.

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SH Blog: Jerry West says blame on D’Antoni is unfair, wants Curry and Thompson to be greatest backcourt ever

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Jerry WestThe Los Angeles Lakers, although they finished the season on a very strong note, have greatly underachieved this season. We all know this.

For that, most want to blame Mike D’Antoni for his inability to make better use of the talent he has. Any time you have four Hall of Fame-level players on the same team (which doesn’t happen very often), you have the responsibility of doing big things. If you don’t, the blame goes on you. It’s as simple as that.

Or is it?

Jerry West – the NBA great and now a consultant for the Golden State Warriors - doesn’t think D’Antoni deserves half the amount of criticism he has gotten over the course of the season.

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