Scotto: Brooklyn’s Defining Moments


The Brooklyn Nets sent a message to the Toronto Raptors and Drake. Brooklyn let Toronto know the “dinosaurs” aren’t extinct yet and trolled Drake unlike anyone has ever before. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce turned the clock back to their collective Boston Celtics heydays. Joe Johnson continued to be the offensive catalyst from the wing by drawing double-teams and scoring at will when isolated. Deron Williams responded to heavy criticism by overcoming an ankle injury and playing like a $100 million franchise


Bernucca: Have Pacers Lost Belief in Themselves?

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers - Game Four

Believe it or not, there’s someone out there who doesn’t think the Indiana Pacers are coming apart at the seams.  “Everybody goes through this,” Spurs guard Tony Parker said last week after San Antonio manhandled Indiana, 103-77, on the Pacers’ home court. “I’m not worried about them. They’ll still make it to the Eastern Conference finals and they’ll still play Miami.” Parker is somewhat right. From time to time, every championship contender has a stretch during a season where they look ordinary.


SH Blog: Pacers sign Andrew Bynum; Bennett wouldn’t mind a D-League assignment


Right now, the whole basketball-watching world is in Bash the Cavs mode. They took Anthony Bennett #1 overall, and for the production he’s given them, they might as well have taken Nerlens Noel. Kyrie Irving, depending on who you want to believe, either can’t wait to get out or just hasn’t made that decision yet. Dion Waiters went at #4 last year and this year he’s been linked with every team needing help at shooting guard. Tristan Thompson changed his


Derrick Rose does not have another torn ACL but does need surgery

Derrick Rose Bulls sleeves

First, the good news, Derrick Rose does not have another torn ACL. Now, the bad news. Rose does have a medial meniscus tear in his right knee that requires surgery and is out indefinitely. The superstar guard of the Chicago Bulls somewhat dodged a bullet Saturday as an MRI taken in Los Angeles revealed torn cartilage but not a torn ligament. The difference could shorten his absence considerably.


Tweet of the Night: Luol Deng Concerned About Injuries


With the NBA regular season just nine short days away, players and teams are turning it up a notch to prepare for the first meaningful games since spring. Chris Paul dropped 40 last night. Kevin Durant 36 two nights before. Luol Deng doesn’t bring that type of offensive firepower to the table, but he’s still more than ready to get back on the court with the Chicago Bulls, a popular favorite to dethrone the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference.


StatBox Playoff Breakdown: Should too much rest be blamed for Miami’s Game One loss?


Many will attribute Miami’s 93-86 Game 1 loss to Chicago on Monday to the seven days of rest the Heat had between its first and second round series. Can we blame the loss on Miami being “rusty,” “over-rested,” or given too much time between series, being punished for quickly finishing off the Milwaukee Bucks a week ago? “There’s no excuses,” said Miami Head Coach Erik Spoelstra, whose team had not played in more than a week. “We’re not making any excuses


StatBox Playoff Breakdown: Hinrich’s impact and Bogut’s inspired play changes playoff series

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Portland Trail Blazers

Hinrich’s absence a big factor for Bulls Chicago may have been without top scorer Luol Deng in Thursday’s 95-92 Game 6 home loss to Brooklyn, but its loss of Kirk Hinrich for a second straight game may have hurt the team more. Deron Williams has played better over the last pair of Net wins with Hinrich out of commission, which is a major reason why the series has swung in Brooklyn’s favor. Hinrich last appeared on the floor in last Saturday’s Game