Sheridan: My Postseason Awards Ballot; Toughest MVP Vote Ever


There is a reason why I always wait until the 82nd game of the season is in the books before deciding on my postseason awards choices. Three words: What’s the hurry? This is a lesson I learned way back in 1999 when I was covering a late regular-season game at the Alamodome during the lockout-shortened 50-game season. There were still three of four games left, and I was sitting alongside a veteran reporter from USA Today and asked him which way he


Most Improved Player Rankings: Why Jimmy Butler should take home the award

Jimmy Butler

It’s that time of year again. After all of the laughs, other-worldly performances, and misguided declarations that someone was dead, we’ve arrived at the end of the season. It’s time to pick a winner for the NBA’s Most Improved Player award. As always, I told myself I wasn’t going to cry. As always, I lied to myself. (Sniffle) We saw a lot of improvement in the NBA this season. The Atlanta Hawks went from Eastern Conference Playoff Team With a Losing Record™ to The Spurs


Twitter reacts to Klay Thompson’s 37 points in the first half against the Memphis Grizzlies


Klay Thompson scored 37 points in one quarter earlier this season against the Sacramento Kings to set an all-time NBA record for points scored in a single quarter. He wasn’t quite that ridiculous on Monday against the Memphis Grizzlies, but found himself in another unconscious moment in the second quarter when he scored 26 points, finishing with 37 points overall in the first half on 14-of-17 shooting, including seven-of-eight from the arc. That shooting display pretty much blew the game open 68-46,