Mike Woodson, Entire NY Knicks Coaching Staff Relieved Of Duties

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Finally, the monkey is off the proverbial back so to speak.

For the past few days, perhaps even the past few weeks, ever since the New York Knicks announced the arrival of Phil Jackson—one of the most respected names in NBA history—would be taking over as President of Basketball Operations, back in mid-March, it seemed only a matter of time before he would begin reconstructing the team organization.

Monday marked the beginning of the likely multi-faceted project, as Jackson addressed the elephant in the room: the rather tenuous coaching situation.

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PODCAST: Michael Scotto on Phil Jackson Joining the New York Knicks

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The New York Knicks gave Carmelo Anthony 13 reasons to consider re-signing a long-term extension with the team this summer. That’s the combined number of championships Phil Jackson has won as a player and coach.

“I’m a chess player, so that was a power move right there,” Anthony said.

As the Knicks prepare to officially announce the hiring of Jackson on Tuesday, I joined Yahoo! Sports Radio and host Dylan Gwinn to discuss the impact the move will have on Jackson’s legacy, the definition of a successful tenure and the impact he’ll have in free agency.

PODCAST: Michael Scotto on Carmelo Anthony’s Free Agency Plans

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The New York Knicks are making it easier for Carmelo Anthony to walk away in free agency with every lackluster effort and loss down the stretch as I outlined in my latest column.

After a 23-point loss to the Golden State Warriors on Friday, I joined Chicago’s 670 The Score and host Joe Ostrowski to discuss Anthony’s free agency decision, potential destinations, the sorry state of the Knicks and the landscape of the Eastern Conference.

Here’s the podcast in its entirety:

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Scotto: Knicks Making Melo’s Free Agency Decision Easy


Carmelo AnthonyWho needs the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus to come to town when you have the Knicks at Madison Square Garden?

Just when you think it can’t get worse for the Knicks, it does. Carmelo Anthony appears more tired than ever of being the ringleader.

Before facing the Miami Heat on Thursday night, Anthony told the media which factors he will consider when making his free agency decision – and it’s not good news for the Knicks.

“A lot of things are going to be thought about when that time comes,” he said. “Off the court, on the court, just a lot of things are going to have to be put all on the table.”

Tweet of the Day: Metta World Peace Announces Contract Buyout with Knicks


Woodson Peace

It wasn’t the fairytale anyone was hoping for in New York.

From bad loss to bad loss, player injuries and constant trade rumors, the most dysfunctional organization in the NBA sunk a little lower Saturday.

Knicks forward Metta World Peace tweeted he and his agent were working on a buyout with the team.



World Peace may have handled this maturely, but his brother, Daniel Artest, did the opposite. And maybe that isn’t a bad thing.

Daniel Artest went on a Knicks killing spree, revealing all the dark secrets over the past six months.

In a 20-tweet attack, Daniel didn’t hold back any punches towards the organization.

Here’s the best from his rant:







Daniel tweeted the cold hard truth.

He revealed the Knicks paid him to keep quiet and not slander the organization. He called Mike Woodson a “trash coach” and James Dolan “the worst owner in sports.”

The Knicks are dysfunctional, from top to bottom there’s organizational flaws at every level.

Before I examine New York’s troubles, please note: They have incredible fans, some of the best in the league. These fans are sometimes very hostile and bitter (understandably so) but they support their team through it all. For that I respect #KnicksNation.

Let’s start at the top, team owner James Dolan. Has anyone told him he’s not the general manager?


Dolan blocked a deal the Knicks had in place to bring Kyle Lowry to town. Lowry, who’s playing at an All-Star level, was being shopped heavily in December and New York could have got him cheap, but no deal.

He also gave the OK to pay Allan Houston $100 million over six years, yes, that’s way too much money. Don’t forget about the time Dolan offered Knicks legend Patrick Ewing a coaching role, in the D-League.

Then there’s Steve Mills, the actual GM of this team. If you’re not a big basketball fan you probably wouldn’t know that. That’s because he’s Dolan’s puppet and probably has less control over his team than any other GM in pro sports.

Back to Dolan.

He let Jeremy Lin walk, allowed Andrea Bargnani to be part of the team, signed JR Smith after surgery, paid a plethora of executives, coaches and players an excessive amount of money. The list goes on and on.

Don’t forget about Mike Woodson, a fair coach at best who’s stuck in the middle of a terrible situation.

His job has been on life support since December and that shows no sign of changing. There’s reports he’s lost control of the locker room and his players don’t listen to his play calls.

The roster is good on paper, but that carries no weight come game time. So many broken down players who have seen better days go to New York and let their career expire. The worst case scenario, Amar’e Stoudemire, who’s gone from MVP candidate to seventh man in a matter of years. Raymond Felton, once a good starting point guard in Charlotte, now pegged the “worst starting PG in the NBA.” Smith, who had a career year last season, has completely fallen out of sync.

And the future, what future? They hardly have any picks. New York treat’s draft picks like charity. Carmelo Anthony isn’t sticking around, who can blame him. He wants to win and he’s not winning in New York anytime soon.

The expression, ‘light at the end of tunnel’ doesn’t apply here.

It’s unfortunate to see one of the NBA’s most celebrated franchise’s suffer so much.

Very soon there will be a domino effect in New York. Players will keep wanting out, fans will stop watching games and coaches will start losing jobs. It’s only a matter of time.

This ticking time bomb that is the Knicks is about to go off. Anyone who can escape before getting trapped in the rubble would be wise to do so.

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