Tweet of the Night: NBA players react to Kobe Bryant’s epic 60-point game on his final day as a player

Kobe Bryant

April 13, 2016. The final day of Kobe Bryant’s illustrious career as an NBA player. The last time we will ever see one of the greatest legends of this generation playing the game of basketball. Whether you love him or hate him, the man known as “The Black Mamba” has had a profound impact in the NBA over the last two decades no matter how you slice it. It’s been a tough finish to his career over the last few seasons, though, as the


Bernucca: For Some Teams, Playoffs Have Already Started

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On Saturday night, while most basketball fans were watching the Final Four, the NBA playoffs got under way. Not officially, of course. That doesn’t happen until April 16. But for the Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls and other teams fighting for the bottom of the brackets, the postseason already has started. Detroit’s 94-90 victory at Chicago on Saturday wasn’t quite a Game Seven. The Pistons aren’t quite home free just yet, and the Bulls aren’t quite dead. But it sure looked an awful


Bernucca: This Week Will Reveal if Bulls Have Quit

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There is an NBA team that started this season with a roster that included an MVP winner from this decade; a recent Defensive Player of the Year; the runner-up in the most recent Rookie of the Year voting; and two All-Stars, including one deemed the league’s Most Improved Player. The roster also included some highly promising youngsters and a handful of savvy, playoff-tested veterans. The team seemed to be a lock for the postseason, having made the playoffs every year but


Most Improved Player Rankings: It’s Not LeBron’s League Anymore


The two aging giants came together at center court, a herd of national TV cameras surrounding them like those crazy, suicidal fish that swim alongside sharks and somehow get away with it. (Nature is weird, man). They embraced, in that bro-hug type of way players do, and shared a few words of mutual respect before going their separate ways, Kobe Bryant toward the ruthlessly dimming twilight of his career and LeBron James out of the visitor’s locker room at Staples Center,


Hubbard: Kobe May Underestimate us, but We’ve Never Underestimated Him


Basketball is one of those rare professions where at an age like 37, people talk about you like you are 80. In some ways, an older player does resemble a senior citizen. Compared to his peers, he’s not as fast, can’t jump as high, is not as agile and doesn’t shoot as straight as he once did. But we found another connection between old basketball age and old age Sunday night after the Lakers lost to the Bulls in Kobe Bryant’s final


Sprung: Best takeaways from All-Star Weekend 2016


TORONTO— Say this for Russell Westbrook: It’s only fitting that someone who embodies Kobe Bryant’s ceaseless competitiveness would take home the MVP award in Bryant’s final All-Star game. Westbrook-ASG Russell Westbrook scored 31 points, grabbed eight rebounds and dished out five assists to take home his second straight MVP award in a 196-173 win— a record number of points in the game and for the winning team— for the West over the East on Sunday night at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. “That’s