Bernucca: Jackson’s Resume Alone Not Nearly Enough To Fix Knicks


220px-Isiah_ThomasPhil Jackson won’t be awful as president of the New York Knicks. He certainly won’t be as bad as Isiah Thomas was in running the club. And he will almost certainly be better than David Kahn, Bryan Colangelo, Joe Dumars, Otis Smith and Geoff Petrie have been in recent years.

But Phil Jackson isn’t Isiah Thomas, or David Kahn, or Bryan Colangelo. He’s Phil Jackson, with a reputation of all things basketball that he touches turning to gold.

And that’s exactly what Knicks fans – now with three generations of folks waiting for another NBA title – will expect from Jackson.

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The 10 Strangest NBA Moments of July

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WeirdAlThe month of July is typically an awkward one for NBA fans.

We’re fresh off the NBA Finals and the NBA Draft, but suddenly realizing that there won’t be any legitimate competition played for the next three months.

Of course, as with any NBA summer vacation, there are plenty of things happening with player movement and free agency, but also incidents of the more peculiar variety.

Deals are made, teams are transformed, and players find themselves with a bit too much free time on their hands. And in this age of the never-ending 24/7 news cycle, the explosion of social media and the public’s insatiable thirst for a sip of something different, the month that just ended did not disappoint.

Which brings us to our list of the “10 Strangest NBA Things That Happened In July,” because basketball doesn’t stop –and neither do any of the shenanigans that often come with it.

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SH Blog: Rambis shocked that D’Antoni wanted him, Paul George expects championship

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220px-Kurt_Rambis_huddle_croppedFormer player and coach Kurt Rambis has long been known for being the main assistant to Phil Jackson for a better part of the Zen Master’s tenure as the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers in the ’00s. The two are very close, and Rambis openly slammed Jim Buss back in November for the way he mistreated Jackson during the hiring process.

Knowing these things, it was quite a surprise to hear that Rambis would be a real candidate to become an assistant to Mike D’Antoni a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, the hiring of Rambis became official on Monday when he announced the decision on his twitter account, from Mark Medina of Daily News:

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Rosen: Total control in Seattle may be appealing to Phil Jackson


Phil Jackson has been considered for the in-season vacancies with both the Lakers and the Nets. Both teams opted for an alternative to the most successful coach in NBA history.

There were reasons why Jackson did not return to coaching, including this possibility: Could it be that Jackson wants to change his game plan and build a championship team from scratch?

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Tweet of the Night: Kurt Rambis

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Kobe's got that pop again. Don't call that guy old yet. #Lakers
Kurt Rambis

What has gotten into Kobe Bryant this season?

Is it a classic case of “he’s playing well due to the Olympics experience”?

The Black Mamba scored 28 points on 12-of-19 shooting to go along with eight assists in a thrilling 84-82 loss against the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night. His performance brings him to an average of 26.4 points on 55.1 percent shooting in eight games. He is also averaging just 17 shots per game – the lowest since the 1998-1999 season when he took 15.6 shots and averaged 19.9 points.

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