One and Done, A Data-Driven Analysis, Part Two: The Results


I get pretty tired of all of the complaining about One and Done. It’s time to do something about it. The current rule is a prime example of what happens when two sides are negotiating several major issues simultaneously and a point that deserves a fully thought-out plan becomes something to compromise over. A rule gets made that doesn’t address the actual issues very well, causing distress on all sides. So what’s the plan? How does one actually come up with a


One and Done: A Data Driven Analysis, Part One: The Landscape


“A good compromise is one where both sides are unhappy.” If you believe that quote, then you must be a fan of the current NBA early entry policy, one of the best compromises in sports history. The policy, informally known as “One and Done,” was reached as a “split the baby” compromise between the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association in 2005. As the flow of high school players entering the NBA grew, the league pushed hard for an age limit


Sprung: Top Pick Bennett Has Historically Bottomed Out

Anthony Bennett

Poor Anthony Bennett tried to keep his head up. His right shoulder was heavily wrapped after a 31-point loss to the Knicks, and there was disappointment in his eyes. Bennett had another empty, unremarkable game just two days after a seemingly encouraging 15-point performance against New Orleans. It turns out that it was just a blip in a season of disappointments for both player and team. [Read more…]


SH Blog: Celtics may be interested in deal for Stoudemire, Carter calls Howard a crybaby during contest

Kobe Bryant

STORY OF THE DAY: Boston Celtics quickly ended the notion that they would be interested in dealing Rajon Rondo to the New York Knicks, but they may be willing to deal others to acquire Amare Stoudemire. Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report has details: But even if it’s not Rondo, the Celtics are still attractive for the potential of a big man swap, and according to a source close to Gang Green, they might be willing to take on what basically no other


Bernucca: All not lost in lost weekend for road teams

lost weekend

Hey, how about those road teams in the playoffs, hunh? It was a lost weekend that would have made Ray Milland proud. I spent huge chunks of Saturday and Sunday at an AAU tournament and missed several games. When I finally got home and turned on the TV, I wished I was back at the AAU tournament. If you didn’t watch the NBA playoffs this weekend, you didn’t miss much. All eight road teams lost Game 1, the first time that has happened


The Bernucca List – Edition 30

question mark

Really? Thirty of these already? We started these about a year ago for two reasons. One was both editor-in-chief Chris Sheridan and yours truly both were big fans of The Spy List, which ran in Spy, a wonderfully snarky monthly magazine in the late 1980s and early 1990s. (It also did its fair share of good investigative reporting, by the way.) The other reason we began running these was NBA commissioner David Stern and union chief Billy Hunter were remarkably unsympathetic to


SH Blog: J-Smoove will be UFA; Kobe vs. Smush Part 3; “The London Abbeys” are dead before birth

Kobe Smile

If the NBA is a restaurant, the preseason games are its appetizers: often tantalizing, but only occasionally tasty. Chris Bernucca has a look at the yummy aspects of the first few games, namely what can be learned about some of the league’s top teams. We’re also continuing our series of guest columns on why fans of all 30 NBA teams have reason to feel good about their squads, with the latest installment covering the Grizzlies from Tom Lorenzo of StraightOuttaVancouver. And whether you


SH Blog: Smush Parker fires back at Kobe, Bryant says “I gave him his 30 minutes of fame”


Perhaps feeling a bit moody about having to miss a preseason game due to a minor shoulder issue, Kobe Bryant made headlines by insulting the likes of Smush Parker and Kwame Brown to the max a couple of nights ago. So naturally, Parker, who is currently in China, responded to all the negativity in detail and recalled his unpleasant experiences with the personality of Bryant. See what was said from both sides, along with news around the league from Friday:Smush