Tweet of the Night: Los Angeles Lakers Scorch The New York Knicks, Twitter Reacts

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Tuesday night’s showdown between the Knicks and Lakers was a bit one-sided.

The New York Knicks, who had been surging towards the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference with a recent string of eight straight wins, have (seemingly) fallen flat on their faces.

If their recent fourth-quarter collapse against the hapless (and Kyrie Irving-less) Cleveland Cavaliers wasn’t bad enough, they travelled to Los Angeles for a shellacking at the hands of the short-handed Lakers.

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Tweet of the Day: Harvard Upsets Many Brackets; NBA Players Discuss

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The NCAA College Basketball Tournament is underway.

Millions of people had hopes of raking in the cash with Yahoo! and Quicken Loans offering a $1 Billion reward for a perfect bracket. However, most of their hopes have been dashed, thanks in large part to two unlikely upsets.

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kent Bazemore is all about it, having played for a mid-major school that made a Cinderella run of its own, stringing along unlikely upsets with Old Dominion from the Colonial Athletic Association.

Tweet of the Day: New York Knicks FINALLY Usher In Phil Jackson Era

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Milwaukee Bucks v New York Knicks

After what seemed like weeks of deliberation, rumors that he was possibly leveraging the New York Knicks against the Los Angeles Lakers to get the job he (presumably) really wanted, and a lot of TV and radio discussion, the wait is finally over.

Phil Jackson has formally been announced as the Knicks new president of basketball operations.

News coverage for Phil’s new job, from its early discussions to its formal announcement, has been at an all-time high. You can find plenty of coverage here on Sheridan Hoops:

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Tuesday, New York welcomed its new President home after decades spent elsewhere in the NBA.

Tweet of the Day: Kobe Bryant Out For The Remainder Of The 2013-14 Season

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Father time gets the better of everyone from time to time. Just this afternoon, I played pickup ball at the local gym and he gave me the business; knees sore, hip sore, back sore, muscles fatigued…and I am no elite athlete.

Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant, however, is.

But, like myself and many other individuals in this world—All-Star athlete or not, time and injury often prevent us from doing what we love most.

For me, I love art—whether drawing or writing—as much as I love basketball, but I occasionally have bouts with wrist pain that make typing or moving a pencil difficult, just as my surgically repaired ACL doesn’t often hold up when I want to play active sports like basketball.

It’s just nature, the older the body gets, the longer recovery takes.

Bryant, who missed the first 19 games of the season while rehabilitating a torn achilles tendon, suffered a fractured lateral tibial plateau in his left knee in just his sixth game back. Since, he has been limited in his ability to play basketball, much less anything else. He has even voiced his frustrations earlier this week in a sit-down interview with

It’s progressing slowly. It really tests my patience. There’s only so much you can do, so I find myself relegated to riding the bike. After the first few weeks, it’s cool — you’re getting a good workout. Then third, fourth — I need to do something else. I want to play. I want to run. I want to do something different, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”

The frustration, while still there, may now subside as the team has officially announced that Bryant will be sitting out the remainder of the season.

Tweet of the Day: Nike Brings Kobe Bryant and Richard Sherman Together

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Nike brought two of the most cerebral athletes together for a couple commercial shoots on Monday.

The Beaverton, Oregon based shoe and apparel conglomerate paired five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant and recent Super Bowl champion Richard Sherman. The two star athletes were mutually enthusiastic about the opportunity to work in the same building.

While the details of their advertisements are not public knowledge, it is rather fitting that the two would be featured together—both have had their battles with negative press (whether deserved or unwarranted), both are champions and both are known for being highly intelligent and calculating in their respective sports.

Sherman, who recently won Super Bowl XLVIII with the Seattle Seahawks took to Twitter to talk about the experience of working with the Los Angeles Lakers’ Black Mamba.