SH Blog: Lakers considering trading Pau; Rose is worried about Bulls’ future


One year ago, the Knicks had the best record in the East and the second-best in the NBA. Today, they’re fighting to stay above the absolute bottom-feeders. So where do they go from here? Up is the only answer, right? Well, probably not too far up. Of the 16 teams that were in playoff position on December 14th last year, 14 made the playoffs. The only teams to crash the party were the Lakers and Rockets, who got the bottom two seeds in


SH Blog: Iguodala has hamstring strain; Gasol won’t get surgery


The big news of today is that Derrick Rose has another knee injury. This time, it’s not an ACL tear, but it is a meniscus tear, which obviously isn’t a good thing. This is terrible news for the Bulls, of course, but it could be good news for any team shopping a point guard. Orlando and Jameer Nelson, I’m looking at you. Also, do the Suns really need Goran Dragic right now? There’s not many prospective playoff teams in the market for


SH Blog: Bryant has full medical clearance to play, Howard and Parsons says Asik has to be professional


The Los Angeles Lakers and fans in general have adjusted to life without Kobe Bryant in the NBA this season. The superstar guard has yet to suit up for his struggling team, as he continues to rehab from the torn Achilles tendon he suffered last season. He did raise some eyebrows last week, telling Rick Fox in an interview that if the playoffs began today, he would play. He further encouraged us all by taking part in the team’s workouts


SH Blog: Howard wants DPOY again, Cousins agrees to four-year deal with the Kings

DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento Kings

Dwight Howard’s reputation took a major dive over the past couple of seasons due to all the drama surrounding his status as a free agent and his indecisive behavior. It didn’t help that his level of play dropped a notch after joining the Los Angeles Lakers last season after undergoing back surgery. Rather than receiving praise for stepping up and playing earlier than he was supposed to, he was scrutinized for being part of an underachieving team. Now that Howard has


Evening News: Odom officaially charged with DUI; Bogut deemed 100% healthy; Valanciunas balling in Eurobasket games


In a rather humdrum day in the NBA, here’s what’s making news: Lamar Odom was officially charged with DUI, the Warriors tweeted that Andrew Bogut is finally 100% healthy, and Lithuanian sensation Jonas Valanciunas shining in Eurobasket ’13 games. (We have a fresh update on Eurobasket ’13 from international editor A.J. Mitnick, who reports on a bunch of Eurostash players and Euroleague stars, along with who is sitting pretty (Italy, France) and who is not (Croatia, Greece — although they


SH Blog: Is Derrick Williams Safe In Minnesota? Could Durant Leave OKC? Hakeem Pays Tribute to Kobe

Derrick Williams

As glamorous as it may seem, the NBA can be a tough place to make it for certain players. Being in the league alone justifies your level of talent. But it takes more than talent to survive. Just ask J.R. Smith and Lamar Odom, two of the more talented players in the league who cannot seem to get out of their own way. While it may not be drugs that are bringing Minnesota’s Derrick Williams down, the former No. 2 overall draft pick