Bernucca: If Outspoken Butler Isn’t Leader of Bulls, Who Is?

Jimmy Butler

If you are like many Americans – middle-class, middle-aged males not unlike myself – and watched your first NBA games this season on Christmas, then you probably think the Chicago Bulls are just fine. If you have watched at any other time this season, then you know otherwise. On Christmas, the Bulls played perhaps their best game of the season. They went into Loud City without injured emotional leader Joakim Noah and never trailed against the Thunder, leaving with a convincing 105-96


SH Blog: Carlesimo opens up about Sprewell incident, Bynum to have season-ending surgery


How much do you know about the Brooklyn Nets head coach P.J. Carlesimo? Other than the Latrell Sprewell choke incident and the insistence on starting Kevin Durant at the two once upon a time – both disastrous scenarios – you probably don’t know too much about the man. That’s about to change some, as you’ll learn about his loyalty, what he thought about the “choke” incident, how he thinks the 2012 USA Team would fare against The Dream Team and more


Bauman: Kevin Garnett has come full circle

Kevin Garnett

When Kevin Garnett came into the NBA as the fourth preps-to-pros phenom, he was a gangly, 6-11, 220 pound player with unmistakable skills and a burning passion and insatiable appetite for the game of basketball. He entered the league when Patrick Ewing was a dominant player, and last night his 15 points against New Orleans moved him past Patrick Ewing for 16th on the all-time scoring list. [Read more…]


Best NBA Finals Game 5s of the David Stern Era


The two best words in sports are Game Seven. When it comes to the NBA Finals, Game 5 isn’t too bad, either. Either one team has a 3-1 lead, which means the trailing team will scratch, claw, bite, fight and cheat to stay win. Or the teams are tied 2-2, which means both teams will scratch, claw, bite, fight and cheat to win. Our collection of the best Game Five showdowns of the David Stern Era includes three in which the series was


The Bernucca List – Edition 26

question mark

Reader Zach was the first with the correct answer to last week’s edition of The Bernucca List. The list was “players called for 10 or more technical fouls this season.” This week’s list is a pretty tough one, so we will provide a hint: It has to do with the playoffs. Think you know the answer? Go ahead and post it in the Comments section or Tweet it to me. First correct answer gets a shout-out next week. The Bernucca ListCarlos BoozerManu GinobiliRichard HamiltonStephen