PODCAST: The pros and cons for Phil Jackson in considering Knicks job

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson can run the New York Knicks if he wants to. That is the word on the street this morning, although he will NOT become their next head coach. For insight into the reasons why, check out this column from Charley Rosen. But if he accepts the job, he is going to have his work cutout for him. Although the Knicks have won three straight games and are still in contention for a playoff spot in the East, they still


SH Blog: Knicks offer Phil Jackson front-office job; how likely is LeBron returning to Cleveland?


PHIL JACKSON HEADING TO KNICKS? The cynic in me wonders if this is all a ploy to keep Carmelo Anthony in New York. The rest of me wants the cynic to quit trying to ascribe ulterior motives to good decisions. Phil Jackson would probably do a pretty good job running the Knicks, and his years of working with Kobe Bryant should prepare him well should he end up working with Melo. Ken Berger of CBSSports.com: Phil Jackson is seriously considering the Knicks’ offer


SH Blog: Update on Noah recruiting Melo; LeBron doesn’t like sleeved unis

Joakim Noah

In case you missed it, the Heat and Thunder both lost last night (as did the Lakers, but that was kind of expected). That’s the third time both teams have lost on the same night this season. The Heat lost to the Spurs in a rematch of last year’s Finals that was nowhere near as close as those Finals, and the Thunder went to the wire against the upstart Phoenix Suns. I caught the end of that Thunder/Suns game, so I


SH Blog: The tale of Antetokounmpo, Noah wants Melo to join Bulls


Giannis Antetokounmpo has truly come a long way to be where he is right now: a wide-eyed, just-turned 19-year-old kid who is learning the ropes of being an NBA player in his first season. He came from a poor background – so poor that he actually shared a pair of sneakers with his brother whenever he had to play basketball. He is a fun character and has shown flashes of brilliance so far, so when you read about the road taken


SH Blog: Parsons says he would boo Howard if he was still a fan, Woodson says Knicks still have a shot


The clip above is what the Orlando Magic decided to show in the second quarter of the game against the Houston Rockets when Dwight Howard came to town on Wednesday. It was a short tribute video for all the marvelous years Howard gave to the franchise. The question is, why in the world would the Magic do this? Were they really looking to honor and thank Howard for his time with the team? If that was truly what they had in mind, that’s


Sheridan’s MVP Rankings, March 5 Edition: What Do the Readers Say?


It’s a two-man race. We all can agree on that, right? But who is the more worthy candidate: LeBron James? Or Kevin Durant? This week, we let y’all have your say as we post a poll within this post. You can even vote for somebody else if you so choose, but the majority of folks will vote for the player who leads the league in scoring or the player who went off for 61 points on Monday night. Once you cast your ballot,


Players react to LeBron James’ career-high 61 points on Twitter


Most around the league believe that the conversation for this season’s MVP is already over: It’s Kevin Durant’s award to lose. While that’s probably true, it appears LeBron James may be interested in making a big run in the second half to make things more interesting for the voters. James has been dominant this season as usual, shooting an unheard-of 58 percent from the field. His true shooting percentage is at 65.8 percent – better than Durant’s 63.6 percent – despite the


Bernucca: NBA Buyout Season’s Winners and Losers


I’m kinda high on what the Charlotte Bobcats did with Ben Gordon. The Bobcats waived Gordon on Sunday, preventing him from appearing in the postseason should he sign with another team. While they may have alienated his agent – not a trifle thing in the business world of the NBA – two things should be pointed out. 1. When teams waive or buy out players at this time of the season, they are essentially establishing a price they are willing to pay