SH Blog: Bynum Could Be Back For Opener; Shumpert & Noah Injured

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PHI_Bynum_AndrewWhile the preseason is largely about players avoiding injuries so that they can suit up for the regular season, there are always the select few that are working to recover from injuries.

Nobody has entered the preseason with high expectations for Andrew Bynum — newly acquired by the Cleveland Cavaliers — in his recovery from chronic knee injuries. After all, it’s been how long now since we’ve seen him play? 

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NBA Rumors and News for October 18, 2013

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Friday, October 18

Daily Trivia: Other than Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game, no two teammates have combined for 100 points in the same game. Can you name the two who came the closest?

Bad blood between Brooklyn and Miami
Posted at 07:10 PM ET
paul.pierce.kevin_.garnett.lebron.james_.celtics.heat_ Before the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets’ game on Thursday night, LeBron James said to reporters that he thought the Celtics owed Ray Allen an apology for criticizing him for going to Miami. James mentioned that Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, who were incredibly critical of their former teammate at the time, left for Brooklyn a year later, writes Nina Mandell of USA Today. Garnett later replied to James’ comments, “Tell LeBron to worry about Miami. It has nothing to do with Celtic business,” he said. Garnett also argued that he had been traded, not signed with another team as a free agent (though he did have to waive his no-trade clause). Pierce was asked to comment on the subject, his reply, “I left Bostson?.” The Nets beat the Heat in the preseason game, 86-62.

Trivia Answer: In a triple OT game in 1983, Denver’s Kiki Vandeweghe (56) and Alex English (42) had 98 against Detroit.

NBA Rumors and News for October 17, 2013

NBA Draft 2014: Very Early Mock Lottery

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Sprung: LeBron James and Erik Spoelstra preach patience for Miami Heat

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BROOKLYN – LeBron James doesn’t like losing. Not one bit. His Miami Heat just barely put up 60 points against the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday night in an 86-62 defeat at the Barclays Center. Was he mad? Nope, he was patient.

Untitled 0 00 11-13“We’re just trying to get better and not waste an opportunity to get better,” James said. “We don’t have all our guys playing, but when guys were in the game, they played, worked hard.”

Miami didn’t really work so hard rebounding the basketball – or scoring it, either, for that matter. The Heat were outrebounded on Thursday by a 53-31 margin, and head coach Erik Spoelstra admitted after the game that it was a concern. But with his shirt collar open and his gray suit jacket unbuttoned, Spoelstra didn’t seem worried in the slightest.

SH Blog: Shaq and Barkley criticize Howard’s game, CP and Redick patch differences

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You know the regular season is upon us when the TNT crew starts sharing their thoughts on who is primed to succeed and what teams will be most relevant in the upcoming season. Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Kerr and others had plenty to say about a number of topics with USA Today, and that’s where we’ll kick things off in today’s blog.

Story of the day:

Which team is good enough to take on the Heat this season? Barkley shared his thoughts on the matter with Sam Amick of USA Today:

Charles-Barkley1“There’s a very short list of teams that can actually win the championship. I think Brooklyn is interesting. You have to wonder how much Paul (Pierce) and Kevin (Garnett) have left in the tank. I think that’s going to be a great story line to watch. I think the Pacers — the Pacers are legit. The Pacers are flat out legit. I think you’ve got to figure out how well (Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell) Westbrook is going to come back to see what Oklahoma City has. But I think the big question marks — what we’re talking about — to me is going to go down to the Dwight (Howard) story, which is fascinating, but the big key to me is going to be the Blake Griffin/DeAndre Jordan (story line) and how they got better as players. (The Clippers have) all the other pieces, they just don’t have inside guys who can get their own shots and dominate. That’s all they’re missing.”

Perhaps not too surprisingly, Kerr is going with the Chicago Bulls as the favorites to overthrow the Heat. Here is his logic:

Steve_KerrKerr: ”It kind of feels like it’s all teed up for this to be (the Bulls’) year, with Derrick (Rose) coming back (from the ACL tear that kept him out all last season) and then they’ve got Luol Deng in the last year of his deal. (With) he and Jimmy Butler on the wings, you have two guys who can really guard. Guarding (Miami’s Dwyane) Wade and LeBron (James), you’ve got to have a couple of good defenders, and the Bulls definitely do. And they’ve just always given Miami trouble, just with their style of play.”

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SH Blog: Howard compares current teammates to former Magic teammates, Kobe admits having insecurities and self-doubt

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The story of Wednesday is undoubtedly ESPN’s rank of Kobe Bryant at No. 25 and getting an incredible rise out of twitter in the process.

While it’s interesting to predict and wonder what Bryant may do when he returns, there is no clear-cut answer until we actually see him in action. Lets just leave it at that, shall we?

Story of the day:

dwighthowardLets move onto Dwight Howard, who apparently still likes to say things that won’t win over any fans. He also had some… lets call it an “interesting” comparison of his current teammates to the teammates he once had in Orlando, from Josh Robbins of Orlando Sentinel:

He thinks Houston has similar talent to the 2008-09 Magic squad he led to the NBA Finals.

On Tuesday, Howard compared Rockets small forward Chandler Parsons to Hedo Turkoglu and Rockets shooting guard James Harden to Courtney Lee but also added that Harden has more scoring ability. He compared Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley to Rafer Alston and Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin to Anthony Johnson.

Howard said he was disappointed that, last February, after the Magic acquired Tobias Harris in a trade, the team granted Harris’ request to wear No. 12, Howard’s old number.

“I just think that despite whatever happened, there was a lot of things that I did and that we did as a team, and that number was special down there,” Howard said. “And I was a little bit upset about that.”

(Howard likely didn’t know, and perhaps still doesn’t know, that Harris wanted to wear No. 12 as a tribute to a close friend who had died of leukemia at 17 years old.)

After all the turmoil Howard put the Magic through, it’s quite amusing that he actually still wants them to cater to his desires. It’s understandable if he hopes to eventually see his jersey number retired when he is done playing, but thinking the team would somehow unofficially retire his number by disallowing other players from wearing it is nonsensical, especially given his tumultuous relationship with the franchise.

As for Howard seeing a link between Harden and Lee, someone will have to ask him to elaborate on the subject because the only thing comparable between those two players are their positions played and height. 

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