Tweet of the Day: NBA Athletes Already On The Grind


Some prominent NBA athletes are still recuperating from injuries, taking necessary time off to recover, heal and rest from weariness and prolonged seasons that may have gone deep in the playoffs. Some, like Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, among others, are in Brazil enjoying the 2014 FIFA World Cup. There are plenty, like LeBron James, who are on vacation, spending time with their families. Still, there are those who are already hard at work, trying to improve for the 2014-15 NBA season.


PODCAST: What Will ‘Melo Do? LeBron’s Decision Will Impact Everything

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The folks in Houston are hoping they have a good shot to land Carmelo Anthony in free agency. Or LeBron James, for that matter, should he somehow find Houston more appealing than remaining in Miami or returning to Cleveland. In my opinion, ‘Melo’s choices rank like this: New York, Dallas, Houston/Chicago, with the latter two tied for third. Money is going to be a factor, and the fact that the Knicks can work off a starting salary of $23.2 million and offer


Sheridan’s Top 25 Free Agents for 2014 — UPDATE


This is the best time of the year in the NBA. The draft is only days away, opt-in and opt-out decisions are due a couple days later, and free agency courtships can begin July 1. We are currently in a holding pattern in which Kevin Love rumors, Carmelo Anthony speculation and Joel Embiid-Greg Oden comparisons are being wildly thrown around. You can lose track of yourself trying to keep track of all the rumors, so try to remember that rumors are


Tweet of the Day: Beno Udrih Happy For His Former Coach

Olympics: Basketball-Men's Preliminary-BRA vs RUS

New Cavs head coach David Blatt has amassed his fair share of European hardware. The NBA has plenty of Euroleague athletes among its teams’ rosters. Now, it has its first head coach. Last year, as the Boston Celtics began searching for a replacement for Doc Rivers, who was essentially traded to the Los Angeles Clippers, Blatt was mentioned by some reputable basketball writers—including our very own Chris Sheridan—as a possible candidate. However, the job went to Butler coach Brad


Tweet of the Night: Marc Stein explains why Rockets may not be going after Kevin Love

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With Kevin Love no longer having much interest left in staying with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Flip Saunders has been exploring his options – most notably with the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors can offer David Lee to help replace Love at the power forward position and have the luxury of including young stud Klay Thompson – a player Minnesota definitely wants included in a Love deal – or Harrison Barnes. Marc Stein of ESPN has full details on the discussions the


SH Blog: LeBron, Heat conduct exit interviews; Parker confident Duncan will return


There is no time to waste after the NBA Finals. Despite the brilliance of the San Antonio Spurs, just minutes after the NBA Finals concluded Sunday night began the talk of the Decision II. To credit the NBA, the league has always done a marvelous job of trimming the fat. The NBA draft is just eight days away, with free agency beginning just a week after that. There’s no time to waste, and thus never a shortage of headlines. Well, until


VIDEO: What will LeBron do?


The Decision II is upon us. Yes, we have to call it that, because LeBron James has to decide his future — specifically whether or not he will opt out of the final year of his contract, and whether he will stay with the Miami Heat, old contract or new contract.


SH Blog: Source close to James questions if he has options better than Miami, Dirk would love to see Anthony in Dallas


So now what for LeBron James? A miraculous Ray Allen 3-pointer helped King James eventually get to a second championship last season. This year, the Miami Heat never even put themselves in position to cut their deficit to single digits in the final three games. In fact, the San Antonio Spurs outscored the Heat by a jaw-dropping 70 points in five games in this year’s Finals – the biggest point differential in NBA Finals history. That means James lost to the Spurs