Tweet of the Day: Amid Free Agency Chaos, Bosh Enjoying Basketball Without Borders


The proverbial clock is ticking. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. With a four-year, $88 million dollar contract offer from the Houston Rockets waiting on the table; a three-day window within which said team has to match a three-year, $46 million offer sheet for restricted free agent Chandler Parsons; and the world seemingly waiting on the edge of their seats for LeBron James to formally announce — whether on his website, Twitter, TV or some other means — his intentions, there might not


Discussing LeBron James reporting with ESPN’s Colin Cowherd


So I was listening to the Colin Cowherd show on ESPN Radio this morning, and he was totally misreporting what I have been reporting. Luckily, I have the telephone number to the studio, so I called Colin and he put me on the air. And from there, I put up with him trying to ascertain who my source is on my LeBron James-to-Cleveland story. And I held my ground. Rarely have I been under as much scrutiny as I am now after


PODCAST: Discussing LeBron on Cleveland Radio


Only one Web site, my Web site, is reporting that LeBron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. There is some skepticism out there, which is only natural. When the mainstream media is not reporting something as fact, people have their doubts. And I am OK with that. But I am standing behind my story, which I did this morning on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland on the Kiley & Booms show. This interview got a little testy, which also is OK for


SH Blog: Cavaliers will go after Love once they acquire James, Anthony to re-sign with New York, Parsons signs offer sheet with Mavericks


By now, most of you have heard Chris Sheridan’s report that LeBron James is going back home to Cleveland. Sheridan is 100 percent confident in his source, and based on the events that took place on Wednesday, there are plenty of reasons for the Miami Heat to believe that it’s time to move on from the Big Three era. Lets take a look at some of things that went down: The Cavaliers made an indicative trade, freeing up cap space for you


Tweet of the Day: Parsons Offer Sheet Could Hurt Houston


As the whole world seemingly sits in suspense, awaiting The Decision II from LeBron James, a few shrewd teams have been hard at work, trying to improve their rosters. One such team, once thought to be in the hunt for one of the marquee free agents, is the Dallas Mavericks. Another team, the Houston Rockets, still awaits a decision from LeBron, as what he chooses will greatly impact the decision that Miami Heat teammate Chris Bosh makes—whether to stay in South


Sheridan’s Top 25 Free Agents: July 9 Edition – LeBron going to Cleveland

Lebron James  witness

The Decision has been made. LeBron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, a league source tells James met with Miami Heat president Pat Riley today in Las Vegas to deliver the news. A contingent of other Heat officials were informed they were not welcome at the meeting, according to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity. An official announcement will be made on, as I first reported yesterday. For Cleveland, this is one of the most important days in the


PODCAST: More on possibility of LeBron James to Cleveland


The Cleveland Cavaliers have cleared the cap space to make a max offer to LeBron James by trading Jarrett Jack, Tyler Zeller and Sergei Karasev (along with a first-round draft pick) in a three-way deal with Boston and Brooklyn. So one major impediment is out of the way. But as we head into the final 12 hours of the NBA’s signing moratorium, there remains a lot of skepticism that James will return to his original NBA team. I covered that topic at length