Bernucca: Jeremy Lin’s 15 minutes of fame are over


Toward the end of the film “Se7en,” two detectives are driving a serial killer to a supposed location of one of the killer’s victims. The serial killer, played by Kevin Spacey, tries to convince the detectives of the lasting importance of his acts.

One of the detectives, played by Brad Pitt, dismisses the serial killer’s claims by saying, “You’re a T-shirt. You’re a Movie of the Week.”

That pretty much sums up Jeremy Lin.

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Tweet of the Day: Chris Wilcox

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As was alluded to in last night’s blog, tragedy struck Houston Rockets head coach Kevin McHale and his family over the weekend.

The news came two weeks after he took a leave of absence from the Rockets bench citing “personal reasons.”

His daughter, Alexandra “Sasha” McHale, passed away at the early age of 23 from lupus.

Chris Wilcox, a backup power forward for the Boston Celtics sent his condolences via Twitter on Tuesday.

My heart goes out to Kevin McHale and his family. Losing someone close from Lupus is a tragedy. #CruelMystery
Chris Wilcox

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Sheridan Hoops Rookie Rankings: Week Two


If you are Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander or GM Daryl Morey, how much more rope are you giving Royce White?

Apparently, not much more. The Rockets are now fining White for every day he is not with the team or does not attend therapy sessions arranged by the team, according to the Houston Chronicle.

By all accounts, White is an immensely talented 21-year-old rookie power forward. (I don’t watch much college basketball, so I’ve never seen him play.) He also has an anxiety disorder that often manifests itself in a fear of flying, which makes it kind of hard to be an NBA player.

White missed training camp and the early portion of preseason while he and the Rockets developed a two-pronged plan of travel and treatment, arranging for him to be driven to games whenever feasible and scheduling therapy sessions with Dr. Aaron Fink of the Baylor College of Medicine.

But White has been blowing off those sessions. He also has been blowing off games and practices since Sunday. He also has used a press release and his Twitter account to blast the Rockets, saying the team used his condition against him to deny him the ability to earn playing time, leading to a D-League assignment he has ignored.

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