Sprung: Jeremy Lin won’t cut it for Rockets with Patrick Beverley out

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JeremyLinSH1Dwight Howard, James Harden and Chandler Parsons are the big-name players, but the Houston Rockets would not be a top-four team in the Western Conference without Patrick Beverley.

Houston is 36-16 when Patrick Beverley starts, but they will miss him for at least two weeks (and likely for the duration of the regular season) with a torn meniscus. His replacement is one Jeremy Lin.

You remember him, right?

Even if Beverley doesn’t have the best offensive and defensive numbers, it doesn’t seem likely that Lin has the skill set to adequately replace what Beverley does for this team.

“Obviously we’re going to miss Pat’s defensive intensity and passion and the energy he brings every single possession,” Parsons told SheridanHoops.

Tweet of the Day: Jeremy Lin And Volvo Produce Training Regimen

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Nearly two years ago, March of 2012, Volvo decided to cash in on the growing popularity of then New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin.

The central figure of the national Linsanity craze chose to sign with Volvo because their vehicles and branding were, as he described it, “high quality but … also affordable and relatable.”

22 months later, the now Houston Rockets guard and the Chinese-owned car company have paired up to create a comical ad campaign centered around a new vehicle-focused fitness program, The Jeremy Lin XC60 Workout.

SH Blog: McGrady retires from the NBA, SVG explains why he is still friends with Dwight Howard

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McGrady-ChinaWhen you think about what Tracy McGrady used to be and what he is now, it’s generally considered a sad thing.

McGrady, who many believed to be an equal to Kobe Bryant (or better, depending on who you ask) in his prime, just finished the previous season as a bench-warmer with the San Antonio Spurs at the age of 34.

It just doesn’t sound quite right, does it?

No one envisioned the superstar’s career to wind down in such an anticlimactic way, but the often-injured guard never could recapture his true form after undergoing microfracture surgery back in 2009. Although he would never admit to it at the time, Rick Adelman and the Houston Rockets knew that McGrady wasn’t going to be the same when he came back from the surgery, and subsequently traded him to the New York Knicks, where he managed to play one great, adrenalin-filled game against the Oklahoma City Thunder before realizing he could no longer elevate properly to finish a routine layup.

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Breaking Down Linsanity One Year Later- Did The Rockets Or Knicks Improve?

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Lin-Time MagazineAt this point, chances are that you’re well aware of the Jeremy Lin story if you’re reading this article. If not, welcome back from Pluto.

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Bernucca: Jeremy Lin’s 15 minutes of fame are over


Toward the end of the film “Se7en,” two detectives are driving a serial killer to a supposed location of one of the killer’s victims. The serial killer, played by Kevin Spacey, tries to convince the detectives of the lasting importance of his acts.

One of the detectives, played by Brad Pitt, dismisses the serial killer’s claims by saying, “You’re a T-shirt. You’re a Movie of the Week.”

That pretty much sums up Jeremy Lin.

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