The Numbers Say… Favors Worth the Money; Lin perfect for Rockets; Center position is not dead


The Utah Jazz have signed power forward Derrick Favors to a four-year contract extension worth $49 million. Favors, 22, was selected No. 3 overall in the 2010 NBA draft and was a critical piece in the infamous Deron Williams trade between Utah and the Brooklyn Nets. There’s undeniable reason for skepticism, but the numbers say that Favors is worth the long-term investment.


NBA Players’ Response and Support for Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson

There are many tragedies in life that many hope to never have to experience. One of the saddest realities in life is that of a parent outliving their child. There are also many things—evil, terrible things—that no one should ever have to bear in life. The worst of which, perhaps for a parent, is harm inflicted on their child at the hands of a criminal—whether verbal, physical or sexual abuse or even abduction or death. The burden of knowing that your child suffered such


NBA Future Odds: Las Vegas vs Offshore


The NBA futures market has opened up across many different sports books and shops, not only in Las Vegas but also across the offshore markets as well. In this column, I am going to list all of the different odds and current opportunities between these shops to see if there are any differences worth noting and where the biggest discrepancies lie. Here are the two Las Vegas Sports Books that we will be comparing: The Las Vegas Hilton and William Hill;


Tweet of the Day: NBA Players Discuss Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel Reunited

Kanye West

Not long ago, the subject of the Tweet of the Day involved a Twitter tirade by one Kanye West—who was angered by a sketch that Jimmy Kimmel Live! aired. The sketched, produced by host Jimmy Kimmel, used kids to mock an interview that West had done with Zane Lowe for BBC. [TOTD: Kendall Marshall Questions Kanye West's Tirade] Kimmel recently had West on his show to bury the hatchet and talk things out. The interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! has since become the subject


Heisler: 10 Predictions for the 2013-14 Season


Counting down to the exciting 2013-14 season … And counting, and counting, and counting. The preseason may be on, but I’m holding the excitement until something happens. By that I mean something bigger than media day, where all involved tell us what they’d like most, as if sitting in Santa Claus’ lap, asking for a pony. The tipoff is they have media day in Charlotte, and everyone is just as optimistic there. Personally, I try to measure my (yawn) excitement level, according to the


Pacific Division 2013-14 Team-by-Team Season Previews


Attention Lakers fans: Andrew Wiggins’ first game for Kansas is Oct. 29 against Pittsburg State. A couple weeks later, he goes up against Mike Krzyzewski and Duke at the Champions Classic in Chicago. He could be all yours, Lakers Nation, if the ping-pong balls drop correctly. And pick your own theory about which superstar free agent is going to come running to play alongside him and Kobe Bryant. We have heard all the speculation – everyone from LeBron James (ain’t happening)