SH Blog: How Important Are Kobe’s Offseason Workouts? Andrew Bynum Could Miss Training Camp; Gilbert Arenas Could Workout For Clippers


The separation between talent and skill is one of the greatest misunderstood concepts for people who are trying to excel. In life and in sports. Either way, talent is natural. You either have it or you don’t. Skill is different. Skill can only be developed by hours and hours of working on your craft. Hours. And hours. And hours.


Tweet of the Day: DeAndre Jordan Making Followers Laugh With Social Media Antics

DeAndre Jordan

The NBA has often had its share of comedians. Hall of Fame center Shaquille O’Neal was one of the funniest, leveraging dance maneuvers, random self-made nicknames, eccentric charisma and many silly antics to make fans laugh. This generation of NBA stars has been dominated by the comedic antics of one Blake Griffin. He has been featured prominently in quite a few comedic advertising campaigns. His hilarity, however, is not to be outdone by his Los Angeles Clippers teammate, DeAndre Jordan.


Evening News: Kobe expected to miss preseason; Clips may invite Arenas to camp; T-Mac to the NFL?

Kobe Bryant

It was quite the day for NBA superstars from the mid-2000s. Making headlines, the Lakers updated the public on Kobe Bryant’s rehab, the Clippers consider taking a flyer on Gilbert Arenas and Tracy McGrady takes to Twitter to campaign for a workout with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Kobe still expected to miss preseason Mike Breshanan of the Los Angeles Times reports Kobe Bryant continues to excel in his rehab assignments. Regardless, the 15-time all star is still expected to miss the entire preseason


Evening News: Odom officaially charged with DUI; Bogut deemed 100% healthy; Valanciunas balling in Eurobasket games


In a rather humdrum day in the NBA, here’s what’s making news: Lamar Odom was officially charged with DUI, the Warriors tweeted that Andrew Bogut is finally 100% healthy, and Lithuanian sensation Jonas Valanciunas shining in Eurobasket ’13 games. (We have a fresh update on Eurobasket ’13 from international editor A.J. Mitnick, who reports on a bunch of Eurostash players and Euroleague stars, along with who is sitting pretty (Italy, France) and who is not (Croatia, Greece — although they


Evening News: Odom hires O.J. Simpson’s attorney; Mavericks tried to reacquire Barea this summer

Lamar Odom

In today’s news out of Los Angeles, Lamar Odom is building quite the legal team to defend his DUI arrest from last week. Also, rumors out of Dallas suggest that the Mavericks explored the possibility of reacquiring J.J. Barea earlier in the summer. Odom hires O.J. Simpson’s lawyer reports that Lamar Odom has turned to O.J. Simpson’s lawyer, Robert Shapiro, to negotiate a plea deal for last week’s DUI arrest in Los Angeles.   Odom was arrested early Friday morning after driving