The Daily Beast: How to Rescue the Clippers From Donald Sterling’s Racist Clutches

The Donald Sterling story is a hard one to ignore, even if you’d want to. Luckily for all of us, Adam Silver put the hammer down earlier earlier today and suspended the racist (soon-to-be former) Clippers owner from the NBA for life and fined him the maximum $2.5 million. Here’s some of a recent article we published over on The Daily Beast on the subject: Every team has a defining moment during the season. For the Los Angeles Clippers, that moment


Sterling Banned for Life for Racist Remarks


Banned for life. And the NBA will try to make Donald Sterling sell the Los Angeles Clippers. Can’t have a much harsher penalty than that, eh? As I was await the inevitable response from the Clippers organization, I fully expected owner Donald Sterling to go to court and sue the NBA, probably asking for a temporary restraining order that would allow him to continue operating the team — and attending their games. But when the Clippers released a statement, it was of the


PODCAST: Michael Scotto on Steve Kerr to Knicks, NBA Playoffs and Donald Sterling

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We’re in the midst of the closest round of playoff games in the league’s history on the court, but that hasn’t stopped the New York Knicks from looking for a new coach and Donald Sterling for bringing attention off the court. Steve Kerr has emerged as the early consensus frontrunner to become the new head coach of the Knicks thanks to his relationship with Phil Jackson and shared belief in the Triangle offense. Before covering Game 4 between the Raptors and Nets


PODCAST: We Do Not Yet Live in a Post-Racist Society


When you spend your life around the NBA, you get a skewed vision of racial harmony. Black players get along with white players, international players intermingle with American players, and the melting pot fosters racial tolerance and harmony. As many have said over the past few days, there is no room for racism in the NBA. And by and large, there isn’t much racism in the league. The culture is so harmonious, in fact, that it can make folks in the


SH Blog: Rivers declines to speak with Sterling, Clippers losing sponsorship deals, Mark Jackson says fans should boycott Game 5


Before getting into the filthy situation of Donald Sterling and the Los Angeles Clippers (and there is a lot to get into), we’ll start off with this: may the great Dr. Jack Ramsay rest in peace. The legendary coach passed away on Monday, making it a truly sad day for so many around the league. He was a basketball genius and an inspiration to the absolute best: [Read more…]


Tweet of the Night: Magic Johnson addresses rumors about him looking to buy the Los Angeles Clippers

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Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has done quite a job to shake up the entire NBA family over the past weekend with the now-infamous comments filled with hate towards African Americans. The league is still in the process of investigating the authenticity of recordings that have been exposed by TMZ – recordings that reveal Sterling’s comments on not wanting black people at his games. There aren’t enough words to explain just how ridiculously stupid and ignorant those comments are, and


Schayes: Donald Sterling Is a Schmuck; But We Already Knew That


With the explosive headlines being splattered all over the place this weekend concerning Clippers owner Donald Sterling, the thing that surprises me is that people are surprised. Under his ownership, The Clippers have been the doormat of the league for 30 years. He has paid millions of dollars in fines to settle race discrimination suits before in his other businesses. Every star player who ever played for him has fled screaming for the hills at the first opportunity. He flaunts his


Bernucca: Silver vs. Sterling Not About Black or White, but Green


NBA commissioner Adam Silver cannot just suspend Clippers owner Donald Sterling for the rest of the playoffs. Silver cannot just suspend Sterling for a year and drop a seven-figure fine on him the way his predecessor did to Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor in 2000. Taylor broke the rules. Sterling broke the game. Silver has no choice but to suspend Sterling indefinitely, as in until he sells his team. And when Silver suspends Sterling, it is important that anyone and everyone with an opinion on