Hubbard: In Dealing with Sterling, Silver Should Overdo It

Donald Sterling

In what surely would be a failed attempt at objectivity, I searched the Internet to see if there was any way I could give Donald Sterling the benefit of the doubt. I have to admit I was giggling at the premise. Sterling has a long and glorious history of idiocy, so any attempt to paint him as a party wronged in his current racist controversy — or, in fact, any of his controversies — would be spectacularly futile. But miracle of miracles,


Tweet of the Night: Brandon Rush thinks Stephen Curry was fouled by Chris Paul on the game-winner attempt


“That’s my go-to move, the step back. I’m not going to air ball that.” That’s what Stephen Curry had to say about the final shot he took – the shot that was about a foot short from the rim – against the Los Angeles Clippers in a 98-96 loss in Game 3 of the first round of the playoffs. With time winding down and the Golden State Warriors desperately trying to get back into the game, Curry took over in the final


VIDEO: Will the Referees Let the Clippers and Warriors play?

Joey Crawford

Through two days of NBA playoff games, we have seen some horrendous officiating. Blake Griffin basically got benched by the refs in Game 1 of the Warriors-Clippers series. Dwight Howard picked up his 6th foul late in last night’s Blazers-Rockets game on an egregiously bad call. Four players ended up with DQs in that game, which lasted a ghastly 3:21, featured 65 fouls and made quite a few East Coast viewers a little less productive today at their jobs. Is this what


Heisler: ‘Clipper Time’ in L.A. at last … Well, for a Moment There it Was


LOS ANGELES – It’s Clipper time, at last, in L.A., or was. No. 3 seeds in the Western draw, with the town to themselves, at last, after finishing 30 games ahead of their cross-town rivals, the former Lakers, the Clippers had it all going for them, at last… Well, at least until they tipped off Game 1 against the Golden State Warriors, who didn’t have Andrew Bogut although they supposedly did have all sorts of internal issues, who nevertheless held themselves together long


Warriors, Clippers Exciting Game 1 Reactions


The NBA Playoffs have started. The first game of the day on Saturday saw the Toronto Raptors give the Brooklyn Nets a 1-0 lead in the series between the 3- and 6- seeds in the Eastern Conference. The Raptors committed 17 turnovers in a seven-point 94-87 loss. It was a physical contest, marred by 42 total fouls. However, if you thought the officials let loose with the whistles in the first game, you may have missed the second game. Game 2 of the


VIDEO: Here is why Sheridan Voted LeBron James 2nd Team All-NBA


Wow, you sure can catch a lot of grief when you tell folks you voted LeBron James to 2nd Team All-NBA. I put that word out on Twitter at midweek, and I have been fending off venom ever since. Hey folks: Here’s the explanation. Try to read through it and watch the entire video before tweeting your disgust, OK? Actually, I find the selection quite reasonable. First of all, the All-NBA ballot must include a center, two forwards and two guards on each


Warriors-Clippers Playoff Preview: Five Key Factors


In terms of competitiveness and venom, nothing comes close to matching what this series should bring. These teams simply do not like one another, and their rivalry has been building over the course of two seasons in which the hatred between the teams has only grown with each encounter. If you had to pick one series and one series only to watch every minute of, this would be the winner among those who like their hoops with some histrionics. If you had


Despite Success, Price of 2014 Clippers Playoff Tickets Below 2013 Lakers

Chris Paul

When it comes to professional basketball in Los Angeles, the Lakers have dominated the conversation. The Clippers have always been the little brother compared to the Lakers, but this season the Clippers are in the playoffs without the Lakers joining them for the first time since both teams have played in LA. The last time the Clippers franchise was in the playoffs in a season in which the Lakers weren’t was the 1975-76 season when the Clippers were still the