Photo of the Day: Steve Nash: Next Great Artist?

Nash Feature

Steve Nash is known for a lot of things. Of course he was a two-time, back-to-back NBA MVP from 2004-05 and 2005-06, has led the NBA in assists per game in multiple seasons, and has the League’s best free throw shooting percentage of all time. That’s not enough for Nash. He might want to be known for even more than that. Obviously, it will have to come off the court, since he’s out the entire year with a nerve issue in


Photo of the Day: Jodie Meeks Is No Dumb Athlete

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Jodie Meeks has finally earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Kentucky. He spent three years attending UK from 2006-2009. However, three years isn’t typically enough time to earn a degree, especially for student athletes. They spend most of their time at practices, traveling for tournaments and games, generally missing a lot of class time. For most athletes who turn pro, completing their degree isn’t something that’s too high on their list of things to do once they’re being paid


Tweet of the Night: Metta World Peace still thinks the Lakers can make the playoffs

Metta World Peace

Metta World Peace (or Panda’s Friend, if you prefer) has been adamant about the Los Angeles Lakers being a playoff team this year, and they did him proud by beating the Atlanta Hawks on the road 114-109. Swaggy P is back!!!!! 5-8 seed ??? Lakers???? They played a great game today!!! — (@MettaWorldPeace) November 19, 2014 It’s unclear if the former NBA player is being serious with some of the claims he has been making as of late, but you’d hope that


Photo of the Day: NBA Reveals 2014 Christmas Day Jerseys

adidas-NBA Christmas Day, Washington Wizards, John

The NBA has an obsession with jerseys, let’s be honest. You have the sleeved jerseys, newly designed and alternate uniforms, and of course, the Christmas Day unis. Last Christmas, the jerseys had the short sleeve feature, with the franchise logo right in the center on the front and nothing else. The player’s name and number were featured on only the back. This year’s uniforms include a number of changes, including a first-ever feature.


Tweet of the Night: Reggie Miller says Lakers will be lucky to have 22 wins


The Los Angeles Lakers have struggled for much of the season in the early going with limited bodies and a tough schedule. So far, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers have faced Houston, Phoenix twice, Golden State, L.A. Clippers, Charlotte and Memphis. Aside from maybe Phoenix, those are all squads expected to be tough playoff teams in the West. They’ve lost all the games to the West teams, while managing to beat the Hornets at home. 


Bernucca: Are Sacramento Kings Overlooked? Or Playing Over Their Heads?

DeMarcus Cousins

There was a lot of attention on the Pacific Division this past weekend. People were wondering when the Golden State Warriors would finally lose and when the Los Angeles Lakers would finally win. Both happened Sunday, with the Warriors – playing without Klay Thompson and David Lee – finally falling at Phoenix and the Lakers – getting production from someone other than Kobe Bryant – knocking off the Charlotte Hornets. But if you ask me, the attention was misplaced. With consecutive playoff


Kamenetzky: Lakers Win! Lakers Win!


LOS ANGELES — It’s a standard scene in every old war movie. A ragtag, weary outfit, battered and bruised, is charged with holding a key bridge in order to save France from the advancing German army. If the bridge goes, the free world goes with it. For the Lakers, entering Sunday’s game at Staples against the Charlotte Hornets sitting at 0-5 for the first time since 1957 and facing run of high end opponents over the next 10-plus days, Sunday’s game was