Tweet of the Night: Chris Kaman explains why he has been on a twitter hiatus

Chris Kaman

When the Los Angeles Lakers lost their prized center Dwight Howard to free agency, they didn’t wait long to find a replacement, signing Chris Kaman to a one-year deal just a few days later. In Kaman, they have a completely different type of talent – one that has the potential to thrive in a wide-open offense like Mike D’Antoni’s. He has a wide range of weapons, including various post moves and a reliable jump shot. His playing time has been spotty


SH Blog: Derrick Rose gained 10 pounds of muscle, says he is more explosive and a lot quicker

Derrick Rose

There were a few notable players from last season who barely saw, if at all, any playing time due to significant injuries. The immediate names that come to mind are Andrew Bynum, Derrick Rose and Danny Granger. How these players return from their year-long absence in the upcoming season is obviously critical for the success of their respective teams. With training camps fast-approaching, there is still a sense of uncertainty when you think of some of those names. Bynum, in particular,


SH Blog: How Important Are Kobe’s Offseason Workouts? Andrew Bynum Could Miss Training Camp; Gilbert Arenas Could Workout For Clippers


The separation between talent and skill is one of the greatest misunderstood concepts for people who are trying to excel. In life and in sports. Either way, talent is natural. You either have it or you don’t. Skill is different. Skill can only be developed by hours and hours of working on your craft. Hours. And hours. And hours.


Evening News: Kobe expected to miss preseason; Clips may invite Arenas to camp; T-Mac to the NFL?

Kobe Bryant

It was quite the day for NBA superstars from the mid-2000s. Making headlines, the Lakers updated the public on Kobe Bryant’s rehab, the Clippers consider taking a flyer on Gilbert Arenas and Tracy McGrady takes to Twitter to campaign for a workout with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Kobe still expected to miss preseason Mike Breshanan of the Los Angeles Times reports Kobe Bryant continues to excel in his rehab assignments. Regardless, the 15-time all star is still expected to miss the entire preseason


Five Things to Watch: Los Angeles Lakers

Phil Jackson fishing

It’s going to be an interesting season for the Los Angeles Lakers. It is a time of obvious transition, but for a team that’s accustomed to being on top, it’s going to be much different than that. After a season in which they struggled to simply reach the playoffs, things might be even more frustrating for the Lakers in 2014. So before we dive into the upcoming season, a quick look at all the turmoil from a season ago should help


Tweet of the Day: Marc Gasol – 1, Pau Gasol – Beardless


Bets happen every day. The bookies in Vegas thrive off of bets. Many bets are sports related. Some friendships have been ruined by bets, others strengthened. Some  people lose money, others lose their pride…and some lose their hair. WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon famously had his head shaved after losing a contest with real estate mogul Donald Trump. In an effort to promote this year’s release of Madden 25, NFL quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson put an eyebrow on the line