Tweet of the Night: Magic Johnson defends Doc Rivers for covering up Lakers banners

Magic Johnson

There has been some back and forth between the two Los Angeles teams about the Clippers’ decision to cover up the Lakers’ banners during home games. Nick Young was the first to make headlines by saying Doc Rivers shouldn’t have so much power in only his first season with the team. Matt Barnes responded by saying no one not named Kobe or Pau should have any say on what the Clippers are doing to the banners. Meanwhile, Rivers said he had


Sheridan: The NBA All-Overpaid Team


I know a guy who used to work for the Houston Rockets back in the 1990s, when Hakeem Olajuwon was leading the team to back to-back titles and the team played at The Summit — a rickety bandbox that has been converted into a church in the years since the team moved to the Toyota Center. The guy tells a great story about a different era in the NBA, when money flowed as though it was wine at a toga party.


Tweet of the Night: Tracy McGrady feels sorry for Kobe Bryant after watching the Lakers play


With Kobe Bryant still nursing offseason surgery on his torn Achilles tendon, the Los Angeles Lakers are one of the more unpredictable teams this season in the Western Conference. If Bryant were healthy enough to start on opening night, the Lakers would be an interesting team. You can never count them out as long as the Vino is around. But with no timetable for when he may return to game action – and just as importantly, not knowing whether he can


SH Blog: Bynum Could Be Back For Opener; Shumpert & Noah Injured


While the preseason is largely about players avoiding injuries so that they can suit up for the regular season, there are always the select few that are working to recover from injuries. Nobody has entered the preseason with high expectations for Andrew Bynum — newly acquired by the Cleveland Cavaliers — in his recovery from chronic knee injuries. After all, it’s been how long now since we’ve seen him play? 


Tweet of the Day: Damian Lillard Leads the Charge on 4 Bar Friday


Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard and a few other NBA athletes took to Instagram to record four bars of freestyle rhymes for what is being touted as #4BarFriday. Some of the rhymes are pretty nice, especially Indiana Pacers swingman Paul George. On the flip-side, NBA writer/analyst Ric Bucher should probably stick to his day job. What follows may be perceived as anything from very entertaining to, perhaps, downright unethical. Enjoy.


Tweet of the Day: Players Take Issue with ESPN’s #NBARank

Kobe Bryant

Anytime expert analysts and writers are tasked with ranking the competitors within their industry, unless it is based solely on statistics and analytics, people will always find fault with them. Such is life. No one can perfectly judge a group of individuals—much less 500 of them—when weighing their value, ability, talent and skill when using a blend of factual numbers and subjective opinions and biases. Yet, that seems to be the expectation. Once again, while compiling its complete 1-500 NBA preseason player rankings, the