VIDEO: Kobe Bryant May Not Play on Opening Night


Around here, we’ve been pretty skeptical about then possibility of Kobe Bryant returning from his ruptured Achilles tendon and playing for the Lakers on opening night. Why? The injury he sustained — a torn Achilles tendon — typically takes at least 9 months to heal. He was injured in April, so that would make January the 9-month mark. Yes, the guy is superhuman, and everyone’s body heals at a different speed, but the opening night banter seemed patently ridiculous to anyone


Tweet of the Night: Kobe Bryant reacts to ESPN’s ranking of the Lakers

Kobe Bryant

After an eventful offseason of moves and transactions around the NBA, most teams are just about set for the upcoming season in terms of filling out their rosters. At this particular time, all that leaves us with is an opportunity to break down those moves and predict how each team will do, since league activities don’t officially begin for another six to seven weeks. ESPN did just that, putting out a quick “Summer Forecast” of the teams in the Western Conference


SH Blog: NBA Releases Schedule


It seems as if all we do these days is look ahead. On Tuesday, the NBA officially released its schedule for the upcoming season. Opening night will take place on October 29th which will kick-off the season with three games. We’ll warmup with the Orlando Magic visiting the Indiana Pacers on NBATV, then settle in for two of the better rivalries the NBA has to offer: Bulls/Heat and Lakers/Clippers in the nightcap on TNT. 


Bulls-Heat Opens 2013-14 NBA Schedule Filled With Awesome Intrigue, Matchups

Heat Ring tilt

The NBA’s popularity is on the rise, and the league isn’t wasting any time getting its fans engaged with the 2013-14 season. The season opens on Tuesday, Oct. 29 with LeBron James and the two-time defending champion Miami Heat getting their rings before hosting the Chicago Bulls in a game that should feature the return of Derrick Rose. James has won the MVP four of the last five years. The only time he did not win it in that span was 2011,


Bernucca: Will Work For Food: The NBA’s All-Six-Figure Teams

Isaiah Thomas

There are a scant few career tracks where an annual salary of at least $1 million does not mean you have reached the pinnacle of your profession. Only the best doctors and lawyers pull down more than a million a year. Before bonuses, most of the world’s top bankers draw salaries in the low seven figures. Some veteran TV news anchors have climbed above $10 million annually, but most operate in the seven-figure statosphere. And no one in politics comes close