Hubbard: Clippers Fans Acting Like Owner Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling

Over the years, bashing the Clippers has hardly been an art form primarily because if anyone can do it, it’s not art. As lousy of a history as the Clippers have had, they have always been an underground favorite of writers. At certain points of the season, most writers have some sort of burnout. When that happens, Clips owner Donald Sterling will inevitably do something absurd and, boom, you’ve got a column. The wacky Sterling stories are so numerous that it’s


The Top 10 Surprises of the NBA season


It’s exactly 10 days into this NBA regular season, it feels like 10 weeks for those who cover the league on a regular basis, and a whole hell of a lot has already happened. Few things have gone as expected, of course the undefeated start for the Pacers is an exception, and surprises abound across the league. Here are 10 that immediately came to mind, including a pair of dazzling young point guards, one major market team in big trouble and


Players react to Steve Blake’s game-winning 3-pointer against Howard and the Rockets

Steve Blake

When a contender like the Houston Rockets are hosting a Los Angeles Lakers team at home without Kobe Bryant, you expect them to walk away with an easy win. That should especially be the case when the Lakers’ two best players – Steve Nash and Pau Gasol – look like a very old shell of themselves. Instead, Houston allowed the Lakers to get out to a 36-19 lead in the first quarter and had to play catch-up for most of the


Tweet of the Day: Shaq Wants More Stats


Thursday night brings with it football — a smorgasbord of games, college and pro. There are two top 10 matchups in college football. As No. 6 Baylor and No. 10 Oklahoma face off, the No. 3 Oregon Ducks will be preparing to battle the No. 5 Stanford Cardinal. The NFL’s Thursday night game features the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings. And, for basketball fans, a possible preview of the NBA finals between the Los Angeles Clippers and Miami Heat may have you


Heisler: Lakers long-term targets: Love, Durant, Kyrie


It’s already been a long season (and decade) in Lakerdom, even if fans knew the team is rebuilding. They just didn’t think it would last this long. Ding, ding, ding! Reality check! Nothing that’s happened has been a surprise – Kobe Bryant is out, Steve Nash is trying to get his legs under him, Nick Young is Nick Young – but it’s a bad time for Lakers fans, half of whom cheer every win in the hope … well, the team can’t really win


Tweet of the Night: Chris Webber rips Pau Gasol and says he is not an elite big man

Chris Webber

With Kobe Bryant out for the foreseeable future, Pau Gasol was supposed to be the No. 1 option for the Los Angeles Lakers to begin the season. Many wondered if the center would recapture his once-dominant form in a wide-open Mike D’Antoni offense. Thus far, the results have been spotty. Gasol’s work on the glass has been there through the first five games, averaging an impressive 10.4 rebounds in just 27 minutes of play. The ability to score has been another story,


Schayes: A Statement about “Statement Games”


The NBA season is barely under way, and already there is talk of some statement games having taken place. Those are the games that match up two teams that possibly have implications for later playoff matchups or showcase two rival players battling for recognition as King of the Hill. On Opening Night in L.A., the Clippers-Lakers “rivalry” started with the Lakers playing an inspired game and beating the “other LA team” that is poised to make a serious run at the