The 10 Strangest NBA Moments of July


The month of July is typically an awkward one for NBA fans. We’re fresh off the NBA Finals and the NBA Draft, but suddenly realizing that there won’t be any legitimate competition played for the next three months. Of course, as with any NBA summer vacation, there are plenty of things happening with player movement and free agency, but also incidents of the more peculiar variety. Deals are made, teams are transformed, and players find themselves with a bit too much free time


Tweet of the Day: Pau Gasol shows compassion for train victims


Following Los Angeles Lakers’ forward Pau Gasol on Twitter might be the equivalent to being friends with Patch Adams. He has a tremendous heart for others. He is always mindful of the tragedies, the hurts and pains going on around the world. Unfortunately, Wednesday, tragedy struck much closer to home. Santiago de Compostela, 700 miles from Gasol’s native city of Barcelona. My heart is with the families of all the victims from the tragic train accident in Santiago de Compostela. — Pau Gasol (@paugasol) July 24,


SH Blog: Kyrie Irving and Paul George Kill Free Agency Rumors

Kyrie Irving 2

As the NBA transitions out of free agency and into its dead period, rumors about the 2013-’14 season (and beyond) are already starting to swirl. Namely around two of the games upcoming superstars: Indiana’s Paul George and Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving. Word has already begun to float around that Irving — the No. 1 overall pick in the 2011 draft — and George — No. 10 overall in 2010 — are considering leaving their respective teams for greener pastures. In Irving’s case, these