NBA players react to Marquez’s knockout of Pacquiao on Twitter


NBA players have great passion for the sport of boxing. That much was evident on Saturday night, when they nearly broke twitter after Manny Pacquiao was shockingly knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez. Here are the reactions of many, many from around the league:

There is officially no Fight For Floyd now....
David West
Damn Gina!!!! Floyd ain't gonna waste his time now!!😲
Courtney Lee
Rocka Bye Baby.. S/O to Kesha. Great Fight.
Daniel Gibson Sr.


SH Blog: Nash was promised Gasol before signing with Lakers, Stern defends fining Spurs

Steve Nash

Was the chance to play with Pau Gasol one of the primary reasons for Nash’s decision to become a Laker in the offseason? According to Ric Bucher’s source (more on that below), that appears to be the case and if so, the rumors of the Lakers having a desire to acquire Ryan Anderson becomes a moot point. The question is, does Nash still feel the same way after seeing how much Gasol has struggled up to this point of the season? Before sitting