Parsons, Hayward Cash In With Biggest Offseason Pay Raises


Is the white American player making a comeback this summer? All of the recent offseason buzz is centered around Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star forward Kevin Love and which team can put together the most appealing trade package to acquire him. Meanwhile, two of the top three salary bumps also went to white American players – Chandler Parsons and Gordon Hayward. As restricted free agents, both got max salary offer sheets and cashed in. So while white men can’t jump, they certainly can jump in


PODCAST: Wizards Could Be Sneaky Good in Eastern Conference


It is very easy to overlook the Washington Wizards. They are in contention for the title about as often as the Earth is under threat of alien invasion, they haven’t had an outsized personality in the locker room since Gilbert Arenas was telling Javaris Crittendon to “Pick One,” and they will undoubtedly be kept off national television next season because they just aren’t sexy. But you know what? They could very well contend for the best record in the Eastern Conference. Many


Tweet of the Day: NBA Players Tweet Through Brazil’s Epic World Cup Loss


Brazil entered Tuesday’s World Cup semifinal match against Germany facing extreme obstacles. Their captain, Thiago Silva was due to miss the match having accumulated two yellow cards, and star forward Neymar had suffered a fractured vertebra in their quarterfinal match against Colombia. Even with such losses, they were still expected to play well, perhaps carrying out the role of underdog to move on to the finals. The match was highly anticipated and was garnering a lot of media attention and hype.


Tweet of the Night: Channing Frye thanks Suns fans after agreeing to four-year deal with Orlando


After missing the entire 2012-2013 season due to an enlarged heart – a career-threatening condition –  Channing Frye came back this past season seemingly without skipping a beat. The floor-spacing big man averaged 11.1 points – including two 3-pointers per game on 37 percent shooting – and 5.1 rebounds to show that his game was still very much intact. Despite failing to make the playoffs in the ultra-competitive western conference, Frye was an instrumental piece in helping the Phoenix Suns to an impressive


Photo of the Day: Marcin Gortat Spotted Walking Pet Pig

Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 10.25.45 AM

Ladies and gentlemen, an early front-runner for Photo of the Year has emerged. In the world of sports, there are times in which athletes transcend the court and build aspects of their legacy off of it. The most growing trend in the NBA is for players to utilize fashion and endorsement deals to steal headlines and remain relevant. Marcin Gortat just one-upped them all. Rather than wearing capris or creating an energy drink, Gortat decided to do something that’s more true to his character. Something that’s… Admittedly, I’ve


SH Blog: Pera ousts Levien and Lash, Phil Jackson open to talk to Mark Jackson, Taylor not ready to trade Love


Despite trading away Rudy Gay last season, the Memphis Grizzlies remained a very good team in the Western Conference this season. Their record of 50-32 didn’t quite measure up to that of recent years, but that could be attributed to missing Marc Gasol for a quarter of the season due to a knee injury. Bottom line, though, is that they were out after the first round of the playoffs after taking the Oklahoma City Thunder to seven games. They would have