Five Things To Watch: Phoenix Suns

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The Phoenix Suns are a fascinating bunch to watch, in the way fans watch a demolition derby for the promise of imminent destruction. Coach Jeff Hornacek, entering the final guaranteed year of his contract, has to right the ship without the benefit of a rising star to buoy hopes for the future. That Hornacek was able to cobble together an 87-77 record the last two years without a single All-Star is a testament to his coaching ability. But he lost


Tweet of the Day: Markieff Morris removes all doubt on his trade intentions

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When a picture surfaced on social media this week of Markieff Morris appearing to work out with an exclusive group of Houston Rockets, we quickly speculated on what it could mean for the 26-year-old’s future with the Phoenix Suns. Now, Markieff has taken to Twitter to ensure that there’s no misunderstanding.My future will not be in Phoenix…. #thatisall #backtothegrind #FOE — Keef Morris (@Keefmorris) September 4, 2015It’s hard to be more direct than that. That said, it’s doubtful Morris will get his wish anytime soon. Despite his


Morris twins turn 26: A look at brothers in the NBA


On this, the 26th birthday of twins Marcus and Markieff Morris, we take a took at sets of brothers playing in the NBA. In case you missed it, colleague Chris Bernucca had plenty to say about the trade demand of Markieff, who was upset when the Suns traded Marcus to the Pistons in an ill-fated attempt to clear cap room to sign LaMarcus Aldridge. Also, there is scuttlebutt out there on TMZ that Markieff could be headed to the Houston Rockets. Last


Tweet of the Day: After demanding trade, Markieff Morris appears to be working out with Rockets’ players

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Markieff Morris remains a member of the Suns, but he doesn’t seem happy about it. At only 26 years old, Phoenix doesn’t seem overly eager to move him, and it’s not hard to understand why. Morris is signed through 2019 on a very team-friendly contract of $8 million/year, and that’s an absolute bargain these days for his production. After all, Morris started all 82 games at power forward in the bruising West and averaged 15.3 points and 6.2 rebounds in 31 minutes. But since


Bernucca: Time for the Angriest Man in Basketball to Grow Up

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Does Markieff Morris want out of Phoenix? According to a tweet Thursday from The Burns and Gambo Show, who hold the Valley’s sports radio drive time slot, Morris wants nothing to do with the Suns and hasn’t talked to any team member – player or staff – since the season ended. The tweet doesn’t cite a source, either within the Suns or close to Morris. At the same time, Morris’ offseason silence would allow Suns staffers to easily draw some conclusion about


Tweet of the Night: Markieff Morris has a message for the Phoenix Suns

Markieff Morris, Marcus Morris

Marcus Morris warned that his brother Markieff Morris would soon be out of Phoenix while getting into it with fans on twitter less than a week ago. Family knows best, and it appears the twin brothers knew that this was coming: it was reported on Thursday that Markieff Morris wants nothing to do with the Phoenix Suns organization and is looking to get dealt. [Read more…]


Bernucca: My annual NBA award picks

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I write this column every year two days before the regular season ends, and I usually get right to the point. But this year I am going to start a little differently. So let me get one item off my chest and out of the way: Michele Roberts is way off base. The new executive director of the NBA Players Association tried to reinvent the wheel this week when it was reported that she is instituting the Players Choice Awards, which will