Rajon Rondo has been MVP of the playoffs thus far


No word yet from the NBA on when the Most Valuable Player award will be announced, but you can pretty much assume it will be LeBron James (who did not have the ball in his hands for the final shot yesterday at Madison Square Garden, Dwyane Wade did.) But what about the playoffs? Who has been the MVP thus far? In my book, it has been Rajon Rondo despite his bumping of a referee that earned him a one-game suspension for Game 2.


Five Factors: Grizzlies-Clippers Playoff Preview

chris paul

For the first time in their franchise’s 17-year history, the Memphis Grizzlies have earned homecourt advantage in a playoff series. That said, simply having a deciding game in their building probably won’t get them any closer to victory without taking these factors into consideration:THE HEALTH FACTOR: Zach Randolph was the catalyst for the Memphis Grizzlies’ improbable upset of the top-seeded San Antonio Spurs in last year’s NBA playoffs. After missing 38 games this season, he seems to be rounding into