Editorial: NBA Needs to Admit Its Mistake on Non-Call

no foul

That was a foul!Shame on the officiating crew of Joey Crawford, Josh Tivin and Derrick Collins for swallowing their whistles on the final play of last night’s Miami-Indiana game when Paul George was obviously fouled by LeBron James as he went up for a tying 3-point attempt in the final seconds of the Heat’s 97-94 victory. The NBA has a practice, only a few years old, of admitting its officiating mistakes through a news release. The person in the league office


Bernucca: After slow start, the tank is rolling in Philly


Remember back in October, when the handicappers in Vegas said the Philadelphia 76ers would win about 16 or 17 games? And remember in November, when the 76ers started their season with three straight wins, beating the Miami Heat, Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls with Derrick Rose? How are those 17 wins looking now? Without the Hubble telescope, the Sixers can’t see them. The small sample size of the season’s first week – three surprising wins, a rookie as Player of the Week – is


Tweet of The Day: LeBron James makes his #4BarFriday debut

For the past several weeks, Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers has been hosting a weekly event on Instagram called #4BarFriday. It’s a weekly competition showcasing people rapping a short freestyle verse which the NBA star selects and highlights. Today the weekly series received a special entry from the NBA’s reigning MVP, LeBron James. Making his “rap debut”, the Miami Heat star takes a humorous approach as he announces retirement from any further musical endeavors after making the video.


PODCAST: Autopsy of Heat-Pacers; Why Did Kings Want Rudy Gay, and more


This was NOT the scene in Indianapolis after the Pacers defeated the Heat, but it is a fitting approximation of the post-game mood at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. What to make of the Pacers’ come-from-behind victory over the Miami Heat on Tuesday night. Well, for starters, it provided some validation for Indiana after their scintillating start to the season. showing that they have the goods (and the composure) to compete with the two-time defending champs. But when will REAL


Sheridan’s MVP Rankings: Dec. 11 Edition — Still Limited Love for LBJ

Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls - Game Two

This was NOT the scene in Indianapolis after the Pacers defeated the Heat, but it is a fitting approximation of the post-game mood at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Have they cleaned up the confetti yet in Indianapolis? OK, maybe that is raining on the Pacers parade a little bit. It was a nice win last night, a great win really when you consider what was at stake — validation as a team that can truly compete with the Heat,


SH Blog: Kobe Announces His Return; Heat Talk Trade; Rose Not Ruling Out Playoff Return

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It’s official, Kobe Bryant is returning to the court this Sunday against the Toronto Raptors after an eight-month recovery from a torn Achilles that sidelined him during last years playoffs. While that technically is the “news” of the day, it sure isn’t the talk of the town. That is because Kobe announced his comeback with an extravagant, two minute video via Facebook titled “Seasons of Legend.” The video entails nothing more than Kobe’s jersey flapping in a windy sky. For two


Tweet of the Day: Antoine Walker Amazed By NBA Standings


Parity  \ˈper-ə-tē\ — the quality or state of being equal or equivalent. Parity is what most professional sports leagues strive for. Parity, or competitive balance in the case of sports, is good for business. It means games are competitive. It gives fans—of all teams—hope and reason to fill arena seats. Unfortunately for the National Basketball Association, parity seems non-existent nearly 20 games into the 2013-14 season. Former Boston Celtics forward Antoine Walker took notice of the disparity between the NBA conferences.