Schayes: 10 Predictions for 2013-14 Season


crystal ballIs it an honor to go last? I hope that’s what Sheridan was thinking when he assigned my the final edition of our senior staff writers’ 10 Season Predictions.

The funny thing is that I am enough of a senior citizen to have had each of our esteemed prognosticating vets (Sheridan, Mark Heisler, Jan Hubbard, Chris Bernucca, Peter May) cover me with a notebook and tape recorder in their hands.

And now I am an ink-stained wretch just like them. Woo-hoo.

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SH Blog: Gasol Stands His Ground In LA; Attorney Claims Perkins Is Innocent; Beasley Punches Self In Head

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Bryant-Gasol-NashRight now, all the Lakers have is Pau Gasol.

There is hope that Kobe Bryant will return early this season, but at age 37 and coming off a torn Achilles, the Black Mamba returning as his former self is no certainty.

So as Gasol enters the final year of his contract with the Lakers, that precarious question has been asked: will Gasol take less money to help the Lakers improve next year? 

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Evening News: Fractures for Brandan Wright and Rodney Stuckey; Wade on the court

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In today’s NBA news, Mavericks forward Brandan Wright will be out of action for a while with a small fracture in his left shoulder; Rodney Stuckey fractured his thumb on a car door; and Dwayne Wade returned to action for the Miami Heat.

Hubbard: 10 Predictions for the 2013-14 Season


vegasAlthough I wouldn’t consider myself to be a serious bettor, I do enjoy an occasional trip to Las Vegas, where the betting is legal and sometimes expensive. Vegas is the ultimate venue for those who believe they are blessed with the power of clairvoyance. Think you’re smart enough to predict the outcome of a game, or games? Sports books provide unlimited opportunity for you to prove it.

On an ideal day, I would wish for the ability to make three correct predictions. In Vegas, that is called a parlay and it pays 6-1. Hit a couple of those and you’ve got a lot of room for future error.

As our esteemed colleague Chris Sheridan has and will discover in Vegas, however, predictions – aka bets – come with a price. Hit them, and your bankroll increases. Miss them and, well, the bucks pass to the house. That makes them far more serious than predictions on this web site.

So, with that as a disclaimer, here are a few with some serious; others not so much. You can decide which is which.

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NBA Future Odds: Las Vegas vs Offshore

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The NBA futures market has opened up across many different sports books and shops, not only in Las Vegas but also across the offshore markets as well. In this column, I am going to list all of the different odds and current opportunities between these shops to see if there are any differences worth noting and where the biggest discrepancies lie.

Here are the two Las Vegas Sports Books that we will be comparing: The Las Vegas Hilton and William Hill; William Hill is the line originator for sports books such as Hooter’s, Ellis Island, The D Las Vegas, Terrible’s and Riviera.

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