SH Blog: Jerry West says blame on D’Antoni is unfair, wants Curry and Thompson to be greatest backcourt ever

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Jerry WestThe Los Angeles Lakers, although they finished the season on a very strong note, have greatly underachieved this season. We all know this.

For that, most want to blame Mike D’Antoni for his inability to make better use of the talent he has. Any time you have four Hall of Fame-level players on the same team (which doesn’t happen very often), you have the responsibility of doing big things. If you don’t, the blame goes on you. It’s as simple as that.

Or is it?

Jerry West – the NBA great and now a consultant for the Golden State Warriors - doesn’t think D’Antoni deserves half the amount of criticism he has gotten over the course of the season.

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Bobcats fire coach Mike Dunlap

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Apparently, owner Michael Jordan is rebuilding the Charlotte Bobcats – again.

Mike Dunlap has been fired as coach of the Bobcats, according to a tweet from beat writer Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer:

Mike Dunlap has been fired as Bobcats coach.
Rick Bonnell

When Dunlap was hired last summer, the move raised some eyebrows given his lack of head coaching experience.

The frighteningly young Bobcats surprised the entire NBA, getting off to a 7-5 start that equaled their win total from the 2011-12 season, when they set the record for the worst winning percentage in league history (7-59, .106).

Charlotte also won its last three games of the season, equaling its longest winning streak of the season. In between, however, the Bobcats were a woeful 11-56, with losing streaks of 17, seven and 10 games.

The season-ending winning streak vaulted the Bobcats above the Orlando Magic in the race to avoid the worst record. However, that cost the Bobcats 51 extra chances to win the top pick in the NBA draft in the upcoming lottery.

Dunlap joins Cleveland’s Byron Scott and Detroit’s Lawrence Frank on the unemployment line. Philadelphia’s Doug Collins quit as coach but will remain with the team as a consultant.

Since claiming their first playoff berth in 2010 with a 44-38 mark under Larry Brown, the Bobcats are 62-168. Gerald Henderson and Tyrus Thomas are the only players remaining from the playoff squad.

Charlotte currently has nine players 26 or younger.


Bernucca: Money for nothing, checks for free


Now that we are about a month into the NBA season, are you disappointed in the performance of a player or two on your favorite team?

Take a number and get in line.

There are dozens of players who are not coming close to meeting expectations this season. And when you factor in their salaries and how much they limit their team’s financial flexibility, it can be downright infuriating.

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Bernucca: Forget small ball; Grizzlies have big plans


Forget small ball. The NBA’s best team plays bully ball.

The Memphis Grizzlies don’t have a fleet of sharpshooters standing on the arc. They don’t have a stretch 4. They don’t have a dual point guard backcourt. Heck, their shooting guard can’t even shoot.

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SH Blog: Top 10 surprises of the young NBA season

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Where to begin?

Mike Brown’s exit? Phil Jackson’s overnight disappearance? The unending string of power forward injuries? A reformed J.R. Smith on the undefeated New York Knicks?

This season has been full of shocking developments; if you look closely enough you can find a significant surprise in nearly every division and on every team.

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