May: The Future of Four Floundering Flagship Franchises

Red Auerbach

We are about to witness what may be a first in the long history of the NBA. For the first time, four of the league’s flagship franchises could well be out of the playoffs. OK, the Knicks aren’t technically out of the race in the Hindenburg Conference, but they have a lot of ground to make up on Atlanta – four games in the loss column with 13 to play. The Celtics, Lakers and 76ers all are making plans for the


SH Blog: Stoudemire wants to win multiple championships with Knicks, Nash ready to play on Friday


For power forward Amare Stoudemire, the past few years in New York have been nothing short of a dreadful nightmare. After reviving the New York Knicks with dominant play in his first season and leading them to the playoffs for the first time in a decade, it has been just about all downhill for the former All-Star. To recap some of the things that have gone wrong since that glorious year: he nearly destroyed his hand after slapping a glass casing surrounding


SH Blog: Anthony says he and Phil Jackson are on the same page right now, Woodson says he can teach Triangle offense

Carmelo Anthony

If you are a Knicks fan and sweating Carmelo Anthony’s free agency status heading into the summer, you should probably feel thrilled about the arrival of Phil Jackson. Why? Because he may be the key to retaining the coveted small forward. Despite the tumultuous year the Knicks have had, and despite making a run at the playoffs a bit too late into the season, Jackson’s presence has seemingly brought a sense of fresh start to everyone in the organization – from top to


PODCAST: Who will coach the Knicks if Mike Woodson is fired?


I already told you yesterday that Mike Woodson needs to lead the Knicks into the playoffs to keep his job. No easy task, but when Phil Jackson says repeatedly that he expects this year’s team to make the postseason, the bar has been set. And if the Knicks fail? Well, there will be a new coach at the helm, and since Jackson is not ingratiated with the larger coaching fraternities out there, you can cross out names such as Jeff Van Gundy, Stan Van


SH Blog: NBA reacts to Phil Jackson hire; Kerr denies interest in Knicks; Cuban says Dirk will never be traded

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson was officially introduced as president of the New York Knicks on Tuesday during a press conference held at Chase Square just outside of the newly renovated Madison Square Garden. Jackson was introduced by the enigmatic James Dolan, who both offered a great deal of insight and explanation into how this power relationship materialized, from which we learned began a few months ago. 


May: Memo to Phil Jackson: Beware the Nest of Vipers at MSG


It’s All Phil All The Time in New York these days. No Knicks story can be written without a reference – or more – to Phil Jackson’s imminent ascension as the new Czar of MSG. Jackson, as is his wont, is playing it every so coy and cagey, relishing in the mystery of it all. He knows what he’s doing, right? (OK, he’s getting $12 million, so he got that part right.) But this whole thing runs counter to Jackson’s usual M.O., which


SH Blog: Kobe Bryant calls out Lakers’ leadership, former D-League player says MJ is overrated


Kobe Bryant has been sidelined for much of this season due to a couple of devastating injuries, and the Los Angeles Lakers have toiled in the bottom of the conference as a result. Of course, that’s not to say that all would have been well and the Lakers would have been a playoff team if Bryant played, but their record would certainly be better than 22-42 – 1/2 game better than the Utah Jazz who have been in tank mode


SH Blog: Update on Noah recruiting Melo; LeBron doesn’t like sleeved unis

Joakim Noah

In case you missed it, the Heat and Thunder both lost last night (as did the Lakers, but that was kind of expected). That’s the third time both teams have lost on the same night this season. The Heat lost to the Spurs in a rematch of last year’s Finals that was nowhere near as close as those Finals, and the Thunder went to the wire against the upstart Phoenix Suns. I caught the end of that Thunder/Suns game, so I