Moke Hamilton Bids Farewell to SheridanHoops and our Readers


Even from the iron shores of Montego Bay and the congested streets of Kingston, Jamaica, New York City remains on my mind. As I journeyed from the West end of the island of Jamaica over to the East, and as I have interacted with members of Jamaica’s basketball community and chatted up fans of the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets—yes, they are down here in Jamaica, too—I look forward to what promises to be an exciting NBA season for the


SH Blog: Dwyane Wade’s Ex Stages Sidewalk Protest; Derrick Rose to Play Sunday? Ode to Moke


Before we get to today’s news, a hearty congratulations to our senior columnist, Moke Hamilton, on joining the staff at HoopsWorld. Moke has treated me as his mentor, and I am happy to see him graduate to become a part of the USA Today Sports group. He is a terrific writer, a fast learner, MENSA material (even though he had never heard of MENSA when he joined SheridanHoops), and a wonderful storyteller who covered Game 5 of the 2012 NBA Finals and


Mighty Moke’s Top 25 Remaining Free Agents — July 14 Update


Brandon Jennings When Monday morning rolls around and the NBA free agency period continues, the biggest winner over the weekend will not be Metta World Peace and it will not be Jeff Teague. Brandon Jennings is now the man with much of the power. Over the weekend, it was reported that the Atlanta Hawks decided to match the four-year, $32 million offer sheet that Teague signed with the Milwaukee Bucks. As a result, Teague will remain a Hawk for


Mighty Moke’s Top 25 Remaining Free Agents – July 11 Update


Haircut of the summer? We have a winner! Andrei Kirilenko, who opted out of a $10.2 million payday with the Minnesota Timberwolves in the hopes landing a three- or four-year deal, has agreed to join the Brooklyn Nets for a shade less than $3.2 million. How many millions did he sacrifice? To paraphrase you know who: “Not four, not five, not six …” No word yet on whether Mickhael Prokhorov slipped a bag of diamonds under the negotiating table. We wouldn’t put it


Podcast: Discussing the Top 50 Free Agents


We have published our Top 50 Free Agents, but there are well over 100 of them. Dwight Howard is No. 1, but our No. 2 guy, Chris Paul, is almost certain to stay with Doc Rivers and the Clippers. So who will be the top dominoes once Dwight maks his “Dwecision?” Moke Hamilton joined Fred Faour of Yahoo Sports Radio to discuss.Listen to internet radio with Sheridan Hoops Radio on BlogTalkRadio


Hamilton: In and After Game 7 of the NBA Finals, History Had Repeated Itself

Heat Ring angle

2013 NBA Champions – Miami Heat MIAMI — As LeBron James stood at center court of the American Airlines Arena, he gazed up into the heavens and was bathed in white confetti in front of Bill Russell and David Stern. The king—now twice crowned—had a message for the world. “I’m LeBron James,” he said. “I’m from Akron, Ohio.” And as he stood tall, after a hard fought, seven-game battle in which he avenged his first Finals loss against Gregg Popovich


Hamilton: Tony Parker’s Story Over Dawn Dinner Helps Spurs Erase Game 6 Memory


Tony Parker MIAMI — Instead of a championship celebration complete with champagne and t-shirts, it was unsweetened iced tea and sparkling water for the San Antonio Spurs. Sometime after 1:00AM on Wednesday morning in Miami, after the Spurs sputtered, and after Ray Allen and LeBron James combined to ensure that the Miami Heat would live to see a Game 7, the Spurs collectively participated in a scene that is customary in Europe but not so much in the


Hamilton: LeBron James Scored a Game 6 Win, But Gregg Popovich Assisted

Ray Allen

Gregg Popovich MIAMI — As chants of “Let’s Go Heat!” rained throughout the corridors of AmericanAirlines Arena, Armando, holding the hand of his female companion, led her through a sea of fellow Miami Heat fans. Euphoric. Shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers united by a white hot love for their Heat, they were packed as tightly into the arena’s Northwest stairwell as a bag of cotton balls. “Wow. Wow. Wow,” he said. “I can’t believe what I just saw.” What he saw was