SH Blog: Derrick Rose’s brother rips Bulls, Rockets remain interested in Howard

Derrick Rose

So the trade deadline came and went, which we covered extensively, without the much anticipated movement of players such as Josh Smith, Paul Pierce, Eric Bledsoe, Monte Monta Ellis and others. The biggest name to be traded as the clock moved to 3 p.m. was J.J. Redick, which Chris Sheridan talked about here. With teams trying to get under the luxury tax, we are now expected to deal with smaller moves and deals that have next to no immediate impact on the court,


NBA Lockout: Where the settlement lies, dollar-wise

By Chris Sheridan NEW YORK — From what I can gather, it is looking more and more like a deal is going to be cut in the 51/49 or 50/50 range when it comes to the split of basketball related income. It’ll probably take the sides a couple of days to get to that point when negotiations resume Friday, with the owners currently offering only 46-48 percent (down from 57 percent in the last deal) and the players at 54 (but having