Tweet of the Day: Former NBA PF Danny Manning Named HC For Wake Forest

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26 years ago today, power forward Danny Manning led the Larry Brown coached Kansas Jayhawks to a National Championship, scoring 31 points against the Oklahoma Sooners.

For the past two college basketball seasons, Manning has been the head coach at the University of Tulsa, where his efforts culminated in a 21-13 record, tying for first in Conference USA. He led the Golden Hurricanes to the second round of the NCAA Tournament, where they fell to UCLA.

Now, he’s on the move again, having agreed to become the new head coach at Wake Forest University with hopes of restoring the Demon Deacons to their former glory.

May: Two Words of Caution Regarding NCAA Tournament: Tyrus Thomas

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wisemindI always get a kick at this time of year when a team when a deadbolt lock lottery pick is bounced early in the NCAA Tournament.

We already saw Duke (Jabari Parker) upset in the first round. And yes, it was the first round, despite what the NCAA wants you to believe.

Kansas (Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid) went down in the second round. Duke and Kansas had been both expected to play into this weekend. Neither did.

So, the breathless question after those early and surprising exits was: ‘Did they affect the draft statuses of the aforementioned young fellows?”

PODCAST: Looking Ahead to the Draft Lottery

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What are we going to say about Andrew Wiggins four or five years from now?

That was the question I was asked tonight on AM1280TheZone in Salt Lake City, and I prefaced my answer with a few words of caution — keep as close of an eye on Jabari Parker of Duke as you do on young Mr. Wiggins from Kansas via Ontario. Parker may be the better prospect, even if my NBA draft writer has him slotted at No. 2 in our latest Mock Lottery.

More on the draft, the playoff faces in the West and East, and the possibility of Tom Izzo coaching the Pistons in this interview with Spence Checketts and Gordon Monson.

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PODCAST: Rebuilding the Knicks Won’t be Easy With Cupboard Bare

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If Phil Jackson takes over the New York Knicks, he’ll have a tough job on his hands.

He’ll have to rebuild in free agency in 2015, because the Knicks have traded away their 2014 and 2016 first-round picks and their second-round picks in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Plus Raymond Felton will still be under contract in 2015-16, as will JR Smith.

Oh, and first he’ll have to convince Carmelo Anthony to stay.

Plenty of talk on that, plus other subjects including Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, an enemy of the Knicks, along with discussion of an age limit of 20, and what it takes to have the longevity of a Dirk Nowitzki, a Karl Malone or a John Stockton, and more — all in this podcast with Gordon Monson and Spence Checketts on 1280thezone in Salt Lake City.


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May: Change the NBA Draft? Why?


nofixThe general manager of the Houston Rockets wants an overhaul of the NBA draft. The Celtics’ assistant general manager has a proposal to do away with the whole shebang. Even new commish Adam Silver is open to changes.


The NBA draft is fine the way it is. Don’t change it. It’s working just fine. If you’re going to change anything, eliminate the ridiculous incentives that prompts kids – most of them not close to being NBA-ready – to enter the draft after only one year of college.