SH Blog: More on Grizzlies-Cavs trade: NBA Taxonomics


As the Memphis Grizzlies and Cleveland Cavaliers completed a deal Tuesday  that will send three players and a future first-round draft pick to Cleveland in exchange for forward/perennial D-Leaguer Jon Leuer, we must all become more aware of the bigger picture at stake. The clock is expiring on the NBA’s practical, dollar-for-dollar luxury tax era. The rules are changing, and these deals will become more of the norm than the exception. [Read more…]


Hamilton: Welcome To Free Agency Under The 2011 CBA

Dwight in blank uniform

NEW YORK — Once the clock struck midnight on the East Coast and the calendar read July 11, NBA free agents were free to sign their deals and offer sheets. By the end of today, there will be a resolution to the Dwight Howard saga. “It’s all coming to a head (today),” a source close to the trade talks told editor-in-chief Chris Sheridan. For everyone involved—the fans, press, players, agents, and owners—the past 11 days have been pretty exhausting. In all,