Schayes: Union’s Search For a New Executive Director, Part II

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dooverThe NBPA announced this week that the current search for the new Executive Director has been canceled, and they will have a “do over.”

After more than a year of secrecy and controversy, the selection committee led by Board President Chris Paul finally realized that the search in its current form had no realistic chance of having a happy ending. The players were in the dark, the agents were near revolt, and the process would taint either of the two finalists so severely that it would make running the organization effectively impossible.

I have been a pretty harsh opponent of the search process.

VIDEO: Danny Schayes on Union’s FUBAR Search for New Executive Director

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Danny Schayes is making his on-camera debut in this post, so make sure to tweet him at @DanSchayes and tell him how ugly he looks.

But also make sure you congratulate him on making a strong point — and exposing the shenanigans that are going on at the Players Association as they search for a new executive director to replace the deposed Billy Hunter.

As Schayes writes in his latest column, the two leading candidates for the post are going through an extended period of limbo time with their present employers — which isn’t fair to either of them, or to their current bosses. It’s one thing to be a lame duck for a couple of weeks. But several months?

Schayes: Raising NBA Age Limit to 20 is a Bad Idea – And Somebody Should Say So


badideaThere is a curious thing happening right now. As the search for the replacement Executive Director for Billy Hunter at the NBA players’ union drags into its second year with no end in sight, there is a tremendous void not being filled.

The league and Commissioner Adam Silver, being bright and experienced, have decided to take this opportunity and fill it themselves.

The missing element is the voice of the players. And their silence is deafening.

As the NBPA office continues to shrink through attrition, there is little business getting done. With the Collective Bargaining Agreement open for renegotiation in just a couple of  years, the league has decided to start now by shaping public opinion around some of the non-revenue issues that were never completed from the last collective bargaining negotiations.

At the top of their talking points agenda is raising the age limit from 19 to 20. 

Schayes: Basketball vs Marketing: Is the Tail Wagging the Dog?


tailSomething I have noticed about the NBA: “The Game” is fighting a losing battle with those promoting the game. While that may sound a little confusing, it has become increasingly obvious that the promotion around the game is more important than the game itself.

And this discussion looks very different depending on which side you are on.

Last week LeBron James scored a career-high and team-record 61 points in a game. A few games later he lays an egg (by LeBron standards) and re-visits his complaint that the new sleeved jerseys are difficult to shoot in. Statistics show that he usually shoots poorly when wearing the new style jerseys. Several other players make the same complaint.

Commissioner Adam Silver comments that essentially it would take a large number of players to complain before the new style jerseys are scrapped.

The league’s response, “But they are selling well at retail.” Translation: As long as the public buys them, it doesn’t matter what the players think. 

Derek Fisher Announces Billy Hunter Terminated By NBA Players Association

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HOUSTON — Adios, Billy Hunter.

Today, after the players’ union’s annual All-Star meeting, Derek Fisher announced that the National Basketball Players Association has terminated the employment of Hunter.

Additionally, the union has elected new leadership.