Get $200 worth of NBA Tickets the Easy Way

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TiqIqbannerNBA tickets are expensive, right?

Well, depends what city you are in. Folks around me in New York have to pay a premium. Folks in Detroit can get in for less than $1. Same in places like Sacramento and Charlotte.

No matter where you live, you can enter a contest to win $200 worth of NBA tickets (Get 2 nosebleeds at the Garden!) (Get your entire section at the Palace!) from our ticket sponsor, TiqIq, through their RSVP program.

All you have to do is tell them where you plan to attend your next 20 sporting events, so click through to enter the contest. There is one winner each month.


Want to Sell Your NBA Tickets? Read This

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Our ticketing service partner introduced a free ticket selling service called SellerDirect™, and they are opening it up to 5 sellers per team for the rest of the season.